Whether you're managing a medical nutritional need, struggling with an eating disorder, looking to eat healthy at BC, or change perceptions around body image, our nutrition programs can help! Sign up for a nutrition counseling session, attend the Body Project, meet with a Wellness Coach, or browse our resources.

The Body Project

The Body Project is a peer-led body acceptance program to help college women resist cultural pressures to conform to the appearance ideal. Participation has been shown to reduce negative body image and disordered eating behaviors in young women. Male-identified students are also invited to participate.

The Body Project is run in small groups of women (typically between 6-12) by trained Peer Leaders. The time commitment for participating is two, two-hour sessions spaced about one week apart. These sessions will be conducted over Zoom.

“I've been listening to my body more - eating what I want when I want and exercising the way I want to. I've also become more aware of the negative body talk that gets thrown around during everyday life. I think awareness is the first step toward change because as I become more confident in myself and my perception of my own body, I can encourage others to do the same and to stop bashing themselves and other girls simply for the way they look.”
Student Participant

Body Project Facilitators

Anna Wen

Daniel Morin

Hannah Chapdelaine

Jessica Danylchuk

Katherine Hacker

Libby Flavin

Lilah Wilfong

Molly McEnroe

Alice Zhou

Individual counseling appointments with the registered dietitian are available for students who want to discuss overall wellness, healthy eating, eating vegan/vegetarian, and fueling for sport. 

Meet Kate, Our Nutritionist

Administrative Dietitian Kate Sweeney, MS, RD became interested in nutrition through sports performance when, as a collegiate swim coach, she wasn't sure how to help her student-athletes optimize their nutrition. She decided to go to graduate school in nutrition while also competing in triathlons in the U.S. and abroad, using nutrition to optimize her performance. After becoming a dietitian, she worked in the hospital setting counseling patients, specializing in eating disorders, sports nutrition, obstetrics, lung transplant, and wellness. Kate takes a non-diet, Intuitive Eating approach to counseling and strives to help clients find balance in their eating and in their lives.  

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Wellness Coaching | Nourish Well

Meet with a Peer Wellness Coach to have an individual coaching session around Body Image or Exercise. Learn how to build a healthy relationship with your body, food, and exercise including how to fuel for activity and movement and develop positive perceptions and beliefs about weight, nutrition, and body image. 


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NourishWell Screening

The NourishWell Screening, also known as the Eating Competence Self-Assessment, is a validated tool to reflect on and learn more about one's relationship with food - including how you feel about eating and food, how you use or don't use hunger cues to inform nutrition, and skills and resources for managing food. All screening responses are anonymous and students are welcome to complete the screening at any time. Those with a scheduled NourishWell Wellness Coaching appointment will be asked to note and bring their score to their appointment (note: your coach will not have access to your responses or results). 

Students who do not have a scheduled appointment, but are interested in discussing their score with a wellness coach or staff person should email campus dietician Kate Sweeney at sweenekz@bc.edu or sign up for wellness coaching at bc.edu/wellnesscoach

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