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Scroll down to read our key messages, hear from experts in the field, try a new health behavior, and submit your reflection to earn your free t-shirt and enter the raffle for a 1 year subscription to Headspace.

Key Messages


Be Your Authentic Self: Give yourself permission to be open, honest, and vulnerable with yourself and others  

Establish a solid support system: Rely on more than one person to meet your needs, find mentors, and people you truly connect with 

Practice Positive Communication: Use “I” statements, show empathy and respect, and be an active listener 

Set Boundaries: Know your dealmakers and deal breakers, and what makes a healthy relationship




Live wholdheartedly: Know you are worthy and enough as is

Be Mindful, Prayerful, and Reflective: Stay present, sel-aware, and practice self acceptance

Cultivate Gratitude: Take time to appreciate what you have, rather than always wanting more

Celebrate and Connect: To a power greater than ourselves

Social Life

Find joy with others: Spend time with people who are important to you

Find your flow: Get involved in activities that make you lost track of time

Be inclusive: Be proactive in celebrating and including others

Have fun: Leave time for play, things you do because you want to not because you have to


Contribute: Your skills, talents, strength, and time

Care: Give to others and make your world a better place

Conserve: Respect the planet you live on and what impact you can make

Strive: To be authentic, curious, and non-judgemental towards yourself and others


What messages do you receive related to your soul and the ways in which you connect to yourself, others, and the world? Listen to these new perspectives, reframing the way we think about our soul with the hope of cultivating more balance in our lives.


Too many people try and take care of their emotional health on their own. Listen to Guy Winch’s TED Talk to hear why he thinks we should practice taking care of our emotions with the same diligence that we take care of our bodies.

Ted Talk: Before I Die I Want To…

Article: NPR: 8 Skills to Practice Gratitude and Cultivate Joy 

Podcast: Let’s Talk Spirituality with Franny Hess

Social Life

Our most important institutions, such as schools and workplaces, are designed mostly for extroverts. Being social and outgoing is often prized above all else. Listen to Susan Cain’s TED Talk about why introverts should be encouraged and celebrated too.

TED Talk: What makes a good life? 

Article: The Art of Socializing During a Quarantine

Podcast: Beat Your Isolation Loneliness




Listen to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk to learn about the importance of having multiple perspectives and hearing many stories.

Ted Talk: Helping Others Makes Us Happier, But It Matters How We Do It 

Article: 9 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Podcast: Let’s Talk Community with BC Students 

Bonus: Agape Latte: Father Jack Butler on community (2 min video)


The ability to love is a skill we can all build and improve on over time. Listen to Katie Hood’s Ted Talk to recognize the five signs that you might be in an unhealthy relationship and learn what you can do to love with respect, kindness, and joy every day.

TED Talk: Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.

Article: How To Be a Better Friend 

Podcast: Brene Brown “Unlocking Us” ft. Glennon Doyle

Bonus: Agape Latte: Father Himes: A Lesson in Love




Are you willing to do an experiment to help fuel your soul and connectedness? We would like to challenge you to try something new in the hopes of building new skills for your toolbox.


What have you learned as a result of listening to new perspectives and engaging in new practices related to fueling your soul and connectedness? Submit your reflection to be entered into the raffle!

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We want to help you find joy in your journey, wherever you’re at. We have many resources within OHP and throughout campus to continue this conversation—we’re here to listen, reflect, and help you set and achieve health goals that feel intuitive, sustainable, and balanced.