Let's Talk Mental Health

Choose an activity to participate in from the 3 B's: Be attentive, Be reflective, or Be well and submit your reflection to earn a prize and be entered into a raffle for a BC Bookstore Gift Card! 

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Key Messages

Back to Basics: Breathe, set boundaries, prioritize sleep and rest, eat to nourish, move your body. 

Relationships Matter: Invest in and connect with yourself and others; identify safe spaces, mentors, and other supports.

Problem Solve: Your feelings are valid; identify what you need and take action, no matter how small

Give Yourself Permission: To ask for help; it can be hard, you deserve to be supported

Be Attentive

What messages do you receive around caring for your mind? Listen to a variety of perspectives, from experts and peers, and consider how it relates to your experiences.  


Hear from an Expert

"There's No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health"
Sangu Delle

Hear from a Peer

"Nobody Should Struggle Alone"

Be Reflective

How do you care for your mind? Engage in these reflective activities to discover what works best for you.


Be Well

What do you need to do to care for your mind? Participate in a week of events to connect with others on their wellness journey. 

Let's Talk More...

We want to help you find joy in your journey, wherever you’re at. We have many resources within OHP and throughout campus to continue this conversation—we’re here to listen, reflect, and help you set and achieve health goals that feel intuitive, sustainable, and balanced.