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Key Messages

Assess: Be mindful of where you spend your time and evaluate the outcomes of your time investments

Prioritize: Time is elastic, it will stretch to accommodate what you choose to put in it, so determine what matters

Plan: Look a week ahead and plot your academics, self-care, and social life. To be flexible think 168 hours, not 24

Did You Know?


of BC students think time management is important to their general health


of students believe they have a good ability to manage their time


of students have an overall sense of balance in their lives


Hear from an Expert

"The Happy Secret to Better Work"
Shawn Achor

Hear from a BC student

"The Perfect Storm"
by Eleni Papadopoulo '17



"Time Management @ BC"


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"Leave It. Change It. Accept It: How Eckhart Tolle Changed My Life”

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