Graphic of a speech bubble reading "Let's Talk Sleep"

Key Messages

Own It: Acknowledge stress exists and know it can be managed

Reframe It: Be mindful, identify negative thinking patterns, and practice positive self-talk

Make Stress Your Friend: Visualize stress as a positive influence on getting through challenges 

Plan For It: Arrange 'B' messages to fit your lifestyle (BSilly, BAuthentic, BGenerous, BNourished, BCalm, BActive, BConnected, BBalanced, BRested, BOrganized)

Did You Know?


of BC students rated their stress level as average or less than average


of students use their friends and socializing as a way to help cope with stress


of students use meditation or mindfulness activities to help lower stress levels


Hear from an Expert

"How to Make Stress Your Friend"
Kelly McGonigal

Hear from a BC student

"Noboby Should Struggle Alone"
by Logan Sands '18



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