Graphic of a speech bubble reading "Let's Talk Sleep"

Key Messages

Be Your Authentic Self: Stay open and honest with yourself and others 

Establish a Support System: Don't rely on one person to meet every need and keep in touch often

Practice Positive Communication: Use "I" statements, show empathy and respect, and be an active listener 

Set Boundaries: Know your deal makers and deal breakers 

Did You Know?


of BC students said they are satisfied with the quality of their relationships with friends and family at home


of students met the majority of their friends within their residence halls

The Top 3

ways students look for support are from their friends, family members, and University Counseling Services


Hear from an Expert

"Frientimacy: 3 Requirements to Fulfilling Relationships"
Shasta Nelson

Hear from a BC student

"Self Love in the City of Love"
by Stephanie Nekoroski '17



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