Our staff is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the Boston College community. Reach out to them if you need support or resources related to health and wellness. 


Elise Phillips, Director, Office of Health Promotion

Elise Tofias Phillips, M. Ed.


Jeannine Kremer

Jeannine Kremer, MSW, LICSW

Associate Director 

Makayla Davis

Makayla Davis, M.A. 

Assistant Director 

Kate Sweeney

Kate Sweeney, Ms, RD, LDN 


Graduate Students

Katelyn Hebel

Graduate Assistant

Anna Schwarz

Graduate Assistant

Marshall Brickheimer

Graduate Assistant

Divya Hippolyte

Graduate Intern

Lindsey Johnson

Graduate Intern

Undergraduate Students Employees

Health Coaches

Our Health Coach team is comprised of undergraduate student volunteers who are committed to creating a healthier BC through peer education.

Our Health Coach Institute currently has 100 active Health Coaches specializing in Individual Health Plans (iHPs) and our iHealth Group Programs: iChill, iPlan, iSleep, iChoose, and iNourish!

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