Taking care of your physical, mental, and social health is essential to getting the most out of your college experience. Our staff, health coaches, programs, and events are here to help you reflect on your personal wellness, develop skills to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle, and make informed, healthy choices that will stay with you long after graduation. 

COVID-19 Announcement

As you are experiencing the impacts of COVID-19, know the Office of Health Promotion is here for you-–sending positive encouragement, healthy habits, and online support your way. Be in touch by emailing healthpromotion@bc.edu. We are still offering a variety of our services online and over the phone including Health Coaching appointments (visit Google calendar), substance use conversations (email Jeannine Kremer- jeannine.kremer@bc.edu), and appointments for food, body image, and exercise concerns (email Kate Sweeney - sweenekz@bc.edu). We encourage you to visit our Feel Better Now page for tips on transitioning to online learning and staying healthy at home or wherever you may be. Now Let's Talk - join us in participating in Let's Talk Mind month!



Our Programs

Alcohol and Drug Education

The Alcohol & Drug Education Program provides opportunities for students to receive appropriate support, reflect on current choices, and learn about strategies for making lower-risk choices around substance use at Boston College.

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General Health and Health Coaching

Students can receive individual or group health coaching through our Health Coach Institute to develop personal goals and strategies to improve their health behaviors.

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Nutrition Education

Whether you're managing a medical nutritional need, struggling with an eating disorder, or looking to eat healthy at BC, our nutrition programs can help! Sign up for a nutrition counseling session and browse our tips for healthy eating.

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News and Notes

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