UWill Mental Health Platform for Boston College Students

Boston College has partnered with Uwill, a leading mental health platform for colleges and universities, as an extension of UCS services available to Boston College students. This is a secure and convenient path to clinical services in this time of heightened needs.

Access is quick and easy. You may access Uwill  and register using your BC email.

There is no cost to use Uwill. All actively enrolled BC Students are provided 90 teletherapy credits. If you use all of these credits then you may be eligible to receive 90 additional credits as part of a pool of shared UWill credits. These credits are distributed automatically based on availability/supply; you do not need to make any requests to access these credits. Video, phone, chat and message-based therapy options will all be available to you.

Uwill is ready to be used now. You should not need much help, but just in case, Uwill offers support tools, including:

We hope Uwill will be a useful resource to many of you. The telehealth platform and the counselors working within them are not controlled or supervised by BC, although you may be asked for your consent to share this information with UCS in order to coordinate care as needed. You may select your own counselor, and should review the consent carefully.