Now that you’re entering the job or internship market, you’ll need a few good strategies to help you connect with the opportunity of your dreams. The Boston College Career Center has plenty of resources to help you in your search.

Search Strategies

Expand your network and work your contacts

Networking opens the door to job opportunities that never get listed. What’s more, networking helps you learn more about your chosen profession and identify promising employers. 

Research target employers

Most job openings aren’t advertised; instead, they’re posted on the organization’s website. Identify promising employers by checking the EagleLink employer directory, working your contacts, checking sites like The Vault, and reading trade magazines. Then go to those employers’ websites to browse job openings.

Attend career and job fairs

Career and job fairs offer the opportunity to connect with multiple employers in one day. The Boston College Career Center sponsors multiple career fairs, along with a variety of major-specific events, throughout the year. We also encourage students to attend career fairs sponsored by other organizations. 

Explore opportunities specifically for Boston College students

Use EagleLink to discover jobs and internships listed exclusively for Boston College students and alumni.  In addition, the On-Campus Recruiting Program provides you with the opportunity to learn about a variety of employers and interview on-campus with their organizations.

Explore internships and professional fellowships

Taking on an internship or a professional work fellowship is a great way to gain experience and make connections. Volunteering and externships can also offer rewarding pathways to a career.

Explore third-party recruiters and placement agencies

Third-party recruiters and agencies can help you find work in virtually any industry or career field on either a full-time or contract basis.  

Need help?

Make an appointment with a Career Coach. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.