P-Card Resources

The P-Card User Guidelines should be followed when using the P-Card and retaining documentation.

Avoiding a P-Card Decline

Take-out establishments that accept P-Card:
The P-Card is set up to work at vendors with a specified "Merchant Category Code" (MCC). The merchant codes itself when it sets up its credit card register system. Neither the SABSC nor Procurement Services has any effect on how a merchant is coded. If you have any issues with your P-Card, please contact the SABSC at club.budget@bc.edu.

For a list of take-out establishments where the P-Card is accepted, click here.

Know Before You Go!

The P-Card will NOT work at local establishments coded as sit-down restaurants. If you would like to see how your vendor is coded before you attempt a purchase, visit the Visa Supplier Locator.

P-Card Reconciliation

Click here to access your Student Organization's US Bank Access Online.


New P-Card Reconciliation Process - All Cardholders must complete reconciliations electronically in PeopleSoft. Contact the Office of Student Involvement at osi@bc.edu for more information.