Student Organization Treasurer Guide

For detailed guidelines and policies, please read the Treasurer Information and Financial Guidelines.

Each Student Organization must have a Treasurer. The job of the treasurer is to manage and oversee all financial transactions of the Student Organization.

Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Attend Treasurer Training
  • Maintain contact with the SABSC and be present at all meetings with the SABSC
  • Prepare Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) budget proposals and attend mandatory SOFC meetings
  • Conduct business operations through MyBC
  • Keep detailed records of revenues and expenses for their Student Organization. For more information on monitoring your Student Organization’s expenses, view the Interpreting your Account Comparison Report Video. For instructions on how to make payments, reference the Payments Tutorial Video
  • Report directly to Student Organization leadership on the state of the organization’s financial affairs
  • Reconcile events to ensure that internal charges (e.g. Event Management, BCPD) are accurate and paid

Treasurers are also encouraged to take advantage of Internal Account Entitlements available to all Student Organizations.