P-Card Guidelines

The P-Card User Guidelines should be followed when using the P-Card, reconciling purchases, and retaining documentation.

For more information view the P-Card Tutorial Video.

Take-Out Establishments that Accept the BC P-Card

Avoiding a P-Card Decline
The P-Card is set up to work at vendors with a specified "Merchant Category Code" (MCC). The merchant codes itself when it sets up its credit card register system. Neither the SABSC nor Procurement Services has any effect on how merchant is coded. If you have any issues with your P-Card, please contact the SABSC at club.budget@bc.edu.

View a list of take-out establishments where the P-Card is accepted.

Know Before You Go!

The P-Card will NOT work at local establishments coded as sit-down restaurants. If you would like to see how your vendor is coded before you attempt a purchase, visit the Visa Supplier Locator.

P-Card Forms

P-Card Increase Form