2021-2022 Updates and Reminders


  • Email will continue to be the preferred method for the submission of paperwork to the SABSC.  Please email financials to sabsc@bc.edu

  • Direct inquiries to sabsc@bc.edu. All paperwork, after processing, is scanned to the department's Google Drive folder. If you have any questions regarding the status of a request, you can check in Google Drive and/or send an email to sabsc@bc.edu

  • Deposits must be delivered to the SABSC and given to a SABSC representative. Please do not put the Deposit Envelope in the SABSC in-box

  • Deposits and Transfers can be submitted to the SABSC on a daily basis, but are only processed on Thursdays

  • Use recently updated financial forms located on the SABSC website. The forms can be filled out online, saved to desktop, and emailed as a PDF to sabsc@bc.edu

  • Direct Deposit is encouraged – Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).  The check will be mailed to the "Remit To" or Payee permanent mailing address on file if no EFT is set-up

  • Departments are responsible for transferring funds between account codes within a chartstring. The SABSC is responsible for transferring funds between two different chartstrings 

  • Outside Vendor check runs are done weekly on Thursdays only


Important Purchase Order (PO) Information

  •  A Purchase Order Request Form must be submitted for all Purchases $5K or greater.  Go to: http://www.bc.edu/offices/buy/ or www.bc.edu/purchasing for more information
  • Make sure to include the vendor's email address on the PO Request Form

  • All PO Invoices $10K or greater must include a department initial and the PO number written on the Invoice or the Invoice will not be paid by Accounts Payable 

  • All Purchase Orders $10K or greater must go through BC Procurement Services bidding process found at: https://bcwiki.bc.edu/display/FVP/Policies 

  • The vendor name and address on the Invoice must match the name/address on the original quote/Contract provided with the Purchase Order Form. Please also note: If the vendor went through a merger or was bought out since the initial PO was submitted, an updated Contract and/or Invoice from the vendor may be required before invoice submission to the SABSC

  • PO related Invoices, pending payment, can be emailed to Procurement Services.  Make sure the PO number is written on the Invoice and, if the Invoice is $10K or greater, signature/initial is also required (indicating adherence to the bidding process, that goods were received, and authorizing payment).  Then email the Invoice to bcinvoices@bc.edu.  Do not send invoices that are not associated with a PO to Procurement

  • A PO is required for all software payments