Important Information for the Current Fiscal Year


  • Use recently updated financial forms located on the SABSC website at  The forms can be filled out online, saved to the desktop, and emailed as a PDF to

  • Email is the preferred method for the submission of paperwork to the SABSC. Please email financials to

  • Direct inquiries or questions regarding the status or a request to

  • Deposits must be delivered to the SABSC and given to a SABSC representative. Please do not put the Deposit Envelope in the SABSC in-box

  • Deposits and Transfers can be submitted to the SABSC on a daily basis, but are only processed on Thursdays

  • Direct Deposit is encouraged – Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). The check will be mailed to the "Remit To" or Payee permanent mailing address on file if no EFT is set-up

  • Departments are responsible for transferring funds between account codes within a chartstring. The SABSC is responsible for transferring funds between two different chartstrings

  • Outside Vendor check runs are done weekly on Thursdays only

  • All travel requests still require VP approval. An attached approval is required with all travel related submissions. Please do not submit any travel related paperwork before it has been approved

  • Documented ‘Job Description’ and ‘Career Skills and Competencies’ are requirements for all Student Hires


Important Purchase Order (PO) Information

  • A Purchase Order Request Form must be submitted for all Purchases $5K or greater. Go to: or for more information

  • Make sure to include the vendor's email address on the PO Request Form

  • All PO Invoices $10K or greater must include a department initial and the PO number written on the Invoice or the Invoice will not be paid by Accounts Payable

  • All Purchase Orders $10K or greater must go through BC Procurement Services bidding process found at:

  • The vendor name and address on the Invoice must match the name/address on the original quote/Contract provided with the Purchase Order Form. Please also note: If the vendor went through a merger or was bought out since the initial PO was submitted, an updated Contract and/or Invoice from the vendor may be required before invoice submission to the SABSC

  • PO related Invoices, pending payment, can be emailed to Procurement Services. Make sure the PO number is written on the Invoice and, if the Invoice is $10K or greater, signature/initial is also required (indicating adherence to the bidding process, that goods were received, and authorizing payment). Then email the Invoice to Do not send invoices that are not associated with a PO to Procurement

  • A PO is required for all software payments


View this page for additional SABSC Updates and Reminders