Student Affairs Van Inquiry

Student Affairs has a modified five-passenger Dodge Grand Caravan that is able to accommodate a wheelchaired passenger. This van is available to Student Affairs staff members for department and University-related activities, and to registered student organizations and faculty advisors that are engaged in volunteer service activity where wheelchair transportation is required. The van is available by reservation only. Inquiries should be made by using the online form below.

Read the following before submitting the form below.

Criteria for inquiring about van use

1. Drivers must:

a) be a BC full- or part‐time faculty, staff member or student
b) be at least 21 years of age
c) possess a valid driver’s license
d) be affiliated with the Division of Student Affairs

2. The van cannot be driven out of state.

3. A completed Request Form must be submitted in person at least four
    business days prior to the date of use.

4. The van is not intended to be used for shuttle use during normal
    business hours.

5. Last minute and walk-in requests will not be accepted.

If you meet the above criteria, fill out and submit the Van Inquiry Form below. Please note, this form is only for inquiries; it does not guarantee use of the van. The person inquiring should receive a response from the SABSC within two business days after submitting the request. If van use is permitted, all drivers will be required to meet with a SABSC representative prior to driving the van to copy licenses, receive vehicle training, and fill out additional forms.

* All fields are required except for Driver 2 Name, Driver 2 Status and
Comments. Driver 2 Status will only be required if you have a second driver.