Outdoor Adventures Gear Rental Program

To rent Outdoor Adventures equipment, visit the Outdoor Adventures Center during business hours. No reservations are needed and gear is rented on a first come, first served basis. Once gear has been rented, we will not be renting any additional gear so requesting your gear early is strongly encouraged.

Daily Rental Items


Electric Lantern $2
Head Lamp $2
Orion 85L Cooler $10
Bear Can $2
Tarp $2
Sleeping Pads $2
Sleeping Bag (Coleman 0 Degree Mummy) $6
Tent (Coleman 4 Person) $8
Backpack (Deuter Expedition 80+10) $7
Hammock $5
Snow Shoes $5
Hiking Boots $5
Black Diamond Outdoor Climbing Shoes $5
Rain Jacket $6
Blue Marmot Gloves $2
Winter Puff Jacket $8
Climbing Crash Pads $10
Pot $2