Carling Hay

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Carling Hay's research interests span a broad range of topics including severe weather, climate change, global and local sea level change, and sea level projections through the 21st century and beyond.  An underlying theme of her work is to employ statistical techniques to better understand global mean sea level during current and past warm periods, and to develop the tools necessary to extract source information from historical sea-level records. 

Through the application of advanced statistical and geophysical modelling techniques to geological, historic, and space geodetic records of sea level, Carling seeksto better understand the connection between climate, ice sheet stability, and sea level over a broad range of time and spatial scales. She is particularly interested in understanding sea-level changes during periods of relative ice age warmth (e.g., interglacials, meltwater pulses), over the last 200 years of an industrial world, and into the next century and millennium.


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