BC faculty-led programs and internships

Each year, approximately 300 students participate in Boston College faculty-led summer programs and internships abroad. Students who are considering external summer programs are encouraged to contact their academic dean's office if they have questions regarding transfer of credit or need assistance with paperwork. 

Common Questions

Why summer?

If you are looking to fit an international experience alongside academic year commitments on campus, want to fulfill requirements to make room for other courses, or simply can't wait to go, summer programs and internships are a great opportunity for you.

Am I eligible?

BC summer programs and internships are open to all students, as well as external students matriculated at an accredited institution of higher education. There is no GPA requirement. Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. Students under 18 must include a parental/guardian signature on all final confirmation forms. Hurry, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until space if available.

Can I afford it?

BC financial aid is not available in the summer. However, there are funding opportunities for summer programs. We offer advising and support for students applying for need-based and prestigious awards, and a variety of BC scholarships, and grants.

Is it safe?

The safety and welfare of our students abroad is our first and foremost priority. Country-specific information about health and safety is provided to students throughout the advising process and at pre-departure orientation. Protocols and coverage are in place to ensure the health and safety of students abroad.

Will I fit in?

We strongly believe that education abroad should not be reserved for a select few. Every BC student has the option of going abroad - regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, finances, on-campus commitment or area of study. This commitment is rooted in the belief that all students' experiences overseas are enhanced through a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds.

Will I get credit?

Study abroad is an integrated part of the BC undergraduate experience. Summer programs count toward BC graduation requirements (maximum of 2 summer programs per student) and can fulfill major/minor and core requirements. Grades appear on transcripts and are factored into students' GPA as regular BC courses.

 Deadlines & Important Dates

Beginning in September and through January, students should research current summer program and internship options, as well as scholarship and grant opportunities. We also recommend that studnets schedule a meeting with an OIP advisor or faculty leader as necessary.


February 20

Summer confirmation forms due

October 1-February 5

Summer Applications open -
rolling admissions; meet with an advisor


March - April

Visa applications and medical appointments as necessary; Pre-departure orientation & purchase airline tickets


Billing and BC grants posted via Agora account; payment due prior to departure

How to Apply



Summer Application
February 5

BC Students

  • Submit an online application by clicking the “Apply Now” button on your first-choice program by browsing My OIP. 

  • Contact the faculty leader to discuss your interest in the program and any questions regarding academics.

  • If necessary, attend a general information session or schedule an advising meeting. Note that applicants are not required to meet with an advisor for summer programs, with the exception of those applying to internships abroad.

External Applicants (non-BC students)

All summer programs, with the exception of internships, are open to non-BC students. External applicants must be undergraduates fully matriculated in an accredited institution of higher education at the time of participation in the program.

  • Submit an online application by clicking the “Apply Now” button on your first-choice program page. Then create an account. 

  • Contact the faculty leader to discuss your interest in the program and any questions regarding academics.

  • If you would like to speak to the summer advisor, please email summerabroad@bc.edu. We are happy to speak with you by phone or in person.

Graduating Seniors & Graduate Students

  • BC graduating seniors are eligible to participate in summer programs pending approval from the OIP. Interested applicants must contact the Summer & Internships Program Manager for more information. If students graduate prior to participation in summer programs, they will be billed as external students.

  • BC graduate students are eligible to participate in summer programs but are subject to the tuition rate of their own graduate school.



Applicants are not required to meet with an advisor for summer programs, with the exception of those applying to internships abroad. For students interested in any other BC summer programs abroad, an advising appointment is optional and does not impact their application. Advising appointments should only be made after reviewing the information below.

  • Explore the Website: Review the content on the summer program landing page and associated resources for general information.

  • Review your Degree Audit: Determine how participation in a summer program might fulfill core requirements or departmental electives according to your academic goals and needs.

  • Consider your Goals: Brainstorm how participation in a summer program might  help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

If you would like more information on choosing a summer program, financing the experience, or other general questions, you may book an appointment with the relevant advisor via the column on the right. 

Questions regarding the academic content of a particular summer program should be directed to the faculty leader. Please review the program-specific pages for faculty contact information.



Boston College students will be billed for summer programs via their Agora account in early May, and payment is due prior to departure. Any questions related to billing should be directed to Student Services. 

Four separate costs are billed to Boston College Agora:

  • Tuition (consistent with on-campus rate)
    Note: BC graduate students participating in summer courses for credit will be subject to the tuition rate of their school.
  • GeoBlue international health insurance ($50-$95) depending on duration of stay
  • Program fee (varies depending on location) includes housing, activities, and some group meals
  • Enrollment fee ($45)

Further details on costs are listed on individual program pages.

External Applicants (non-BC students)

External applicants are required to submit a $1000 non-refundable deposit with the completed confirmation forms in order to secure their place in a summer program. This payment must be sent in the form of a certified check made out to “Boston College”. Students will receive a final invoice with the above costs in early April detailing the final program costs, less the deposit. Full program payment is due by April 20.

Students are encouraged to research grant and scholarship opportunities as early as possible in the application process. You may schedule an appointment with the OIP scholarships advisor. If you are a Montserrat student, you are also encouraged to meet with the Montserrat Advisor early in the application process. 

By turning in the Final Confirmation and Clearance forms online, a student commits to participate in a summer program abroad and is subject to a $300 non-refundable program deposit, to be charged to the student’s Agora account. The OIP will reserve a spot in the program and make any necessary payments on behalf of the student. Any withdrawal after the submission of Final Confirmation and Clearance Forms will result in a financial penalty of at least $300, according to the fee schedule outlined below.

To withdraw from a program after turning in confirmation forms, a student must complete a withdrawal form and return it to the Summer & Internships Advisor.

Summer Program & Summer Internship Withdrawal Form

Depending on the date of withdrawal, the following fees will apply, to be charged to the students’ Agora account in May.


February 27 $300 program deposit
March 25 $300 program deposit + 15% of the program fee
April 10 $300 program deposit + 30% of the program fee
April 20 $300 program deposit + 60% of the program fee
May 1 100% of the program fee


February 27 $500 program deposit
March 25 $500 program deposit + 50% of the program fee
April 20 100% of the program fee






Summer Internships 


Summer internships abroad provide students with an opportunity to gain invaluable professional and intercultural skills that prepare them to excel academically and professionally in our increasingly globalized world. By living and working abroad, students learn to navigate cultural difference in social and professional settings through full immersion in the culture of their host city and gain a global perspective. In addition, participation in international internships affords students increased confidence, tolerance for ambiguity, and strengthened communication skills.

Applications for eight-week summer internships in Dublin, Hong Kong, Madrid, Paris, and Prague are due February 5. An advising appointment is mandatory for all internship applicants prior to submission of the completed application.

In a word: challenge. A summer internship abroad is a busy, full-time professional experience. International internships are incredibly enriching, but a successful experience requires students to be self-motivated, flexible, and open-minded.

In addition to the challenge of adjusting to a full-time work schedule, students also grapple with immersion into a new culture, a new living situation, and (in select programs) a new language. A positive attitude, consideration of personal goals prior to departure, and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone are crucial to ensuring that the experience is both personally and professionally rewarding.

Some students choose to intern abroad in lieu of a traditional study abroad experience during the academic year, while others opt to extend their time abroad through a summer internship. In either situation, an internship abroad affords students ample opportunity to develop skills that are highly valued in careers in both the public and private sectors, including:

  • Enhanced cultural awareness, sensitivity to customs, and cultural differences

  • Intercultural competency

  • Global perspective and awareness of political, economic, and cultural issues

  • Foreign language proficiency

  • Adaptability, ability to step out of one’s comfort zone

  • Problem-solving skills, crisis management

  • Communication skills: ability to listen, observe, and interact with others

  • Increased confidence and initiative

  • Clarification of goals and improved self-awareness


Take time to prepare for your abroad experience by updating your professional documents, meeting with an advisor at the Career Center, and setting aside time for reflection on how this experience fits into your larger academic and professional goals.

Identify skills to develop when you go abroad by conducting a skills audit. What are your strengths/weaknesses? Which skills do you want to develop? What other professional development and networking opportunities can you pursue while abroad?


Update your professional documents to reflect your abroad experience, network in your host city by connecting with BC alumni, identify transferable skills you are developing, and take time to reflect by keeping a journal or blogging.


Identify the skills you gained during your time abroad through self-reflection on experiences that were particularly meaningful. Practice articulating your experience to potential employers through mock interviews and in your professional documents:

  • Shape your abroad narrative: What were the most memorable aspects of your time abroad? What were the most challenging aspects? How do these experiences illustrate personal and professional growth that you can articulate in an interview, cover letter, or personal statement?

  • Conduct a skills audit: what new skills did you acquire or further develop as a result of your abroad experience?

  • Update your resume, cover letter(s), and LinkedIn profile to highlight how your abroad experience fits into your larger academic and professional goals

  • Schedule an advising meeting with the Summer & Internships Program Manager or Career Center staff for additional feedback and support  



Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to participate in summer programs. While abroad, students are subject to the local laws in their host country, which vary widely worldwide. Any illegal or unacceptable behavior may result in BC disciplinary action upon return to campus. The OIP and on-site staff also reserve the right to dismiss students from the program if necessary.

In order to make the most of their experience, students are expected to:

  • Educate themselves about and fully immerse themselves into their host country’s culture
  • Serve as exemplary BC and US ambassadors by taking full responsibility for their personal conduct and academic performance
  • Learn and obey local laws and customs
  • Maximize personal safety by taking reasonable precautions, safeguarding belongings, and keeping emergency contact information on hand
  •  Disclose any existing physical or psychological conditions to their OIP advisor to ensure a safe and healthy experience abroad
  • Consider host country culture, attitudes, and laws regarding personal relationships, sexuality, race, religion, and gender
  • Carefully review all program materials and respond to communications from the OIP, on-site staff, and faculty leader in a timely manner

To study abroad, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your US return date. Visa requirements and processes vary by country and length of stay. The OIP will provide general information for each program, but students are responsible for securing their own visas when required by the host country.

Non-US citizens may have different requirements, and these students are responsible for reviewing and complying with their host country's visa regulations. The OIP will provide an official letter verifying student participation in a summer program if required in order to secure a visa.

If you have a physical or psychological condition that requires ongoing treatment, it is strongly recommended that you notify the OIP prior to departure and consult your physician or counselor to ensure that you have the resources and support you may need while abroad.

Students are strongly encouraged to have medical and dental exams prior to departure and to verify that all vaccinations are current. Certain countries may also require or recommend additional vaccinations prior to departure. For further information on recommended vaccines for your specific country, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.  

The OIP registers all summer program participants for international health insurance with GeoBlue for the duration of their time abroad. For more information, please visit our the GeoBlue resource page.

Attitudes, customs, laws, facilities, and social practices relating to various populations may be different than in the US. Some countries are very progressive, while others are far more conservative. To prepare for cultural differences, students are encouraged to research their host country and speak with others who have traveled there. Students will be subject to their host country’s laws, even if these may be considered discriminatory. Do not hesitate to contact your OIP advisor if you have any questions or concerns. All matters will be kept confidential.

Attendance at a general pre-departure orientation session (in April) as well as a program-specific meeting is mandatory for all students.

All students are expected to review the OIP Summer Handbook prior to departure for detailed information on travel preparations and resources/expectations while abroad. 

The Office of International Programs reserves the right to update, change, or cancel any BC Summer program without notice due to unexpected events abroad, curriculum, or enrollment issues.