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The OIP can only accept official transcripts directly from the host institution or program provider. We cannot accept transcripts from students. If you receive a sealed, official transcript at home, do not open it: instead, bring it or mail it to OIP in the sealed envelope.

BC must have the official transcript from your study abroad program in order to process your grades and credits. Some institutions may require a transcript release form: be sure to check before you return home. Some institutions won’t release transcripts if you have a financial or disciplinary issue to resolve. It is your responsibility to attend to these matters before returning.

If you need your own copy of an official transcript from your study abroad experience for a job, internship, or graduate school application, you will need to contact your host institution or provider directly. If you need an unofficial transcript, OIP can provide you one.

ECTS Credits

The most common credit system used by BC abroad programs in Europe is the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System). Our standard rule for ECTS credits is 2 ECTS credit equal 1 BC credit. Since Boston College does not allow half credits, a 5 ECTS credit course will transfer back as either 2 or 3 BC credits depending on student’s full course load of credits. A course must equate to 3 BC credits to fulfill a BC major, minor or core requirement.

7.5 ECTS = 3 or 4 BC
6 ECTS = 3 BC
5 ECTS = 2 or 3 BC **
4 ECTS = 2 BC **

** Courses worth 5 ECTS credits may not automatically fulfill a BC requirement. If you have any questions about credit translation, please contact