University Core Curriculum

Students on both BC and non-BC programs may fulfill certain Core requirements abroad. To request substitution credit for abroad courses, contact the relevant Core department coordinator. Pre-approved courses do not require a substitution request.

To request substitution credit, students must complete a Degree Audit Course Substitution and Waiver form. (Note: Cultural Diversity Core requests do not require any paperwork; instead, fill out the online form here.)

Core Curriculum Areas


Arts Core: Art History, Film, Studio Art, Theater, and Music

It is not possible to receive Arts Core credit for Art History, Film, Studio Art, and Theater courses taken abroad. The only exceptions are the limited number of Pre-Approved Courses offered on BC programs (for details, see Course Planning Materials below). Students considering going abroad should plan accordingly.

Students may request Arts Core credit for a Music course taken abroad; see department contact information below.

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Department Contact for Music

A critical component of a liberal education is the capacity to see human experience from the point of view of others who encounter and interpret the world in significantly different ways. Courses in cultural diversity, by introducing students to different cultures and examining the concepts of cultural identity and cultural differences, are aimed at developing students' appreciation of other ways of life and providing a new understanding of their own cultures.

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Course approval requests should be sent to

For study-abroad courses that students would like to take for core credit, they must get permission from the Core Moderator (it is strongly suggested that students seek approval before going abroad). In order for a course taken abroad to fulfill the History Core requirement, it must cover the time periods outlined below (ca. 1300-1800 for the Core I, and 1800 to the present for the Core II) and survey historical developments in a global or world-regional framework; in other words, it may not be national history or the history of binational relations. For example, "Modern China" will not count, but "East Asia 1800 to the present" will.

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Department Contact

There are no core approvals given for literature courses abroad.

There are no pre-approved courses to fulfill the mathematics core. Please consult the department contact directly.

Department Contact | Course Approvals and Assistant Chair of Undergraduate Programs

There are no pre-approved courses to fulfill the natural science core. Please consult the department contact directly.

Department Contacts

Seth Robertson

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs


Earth and Environmental Sciences

By introducing students to the great philosophical questions, philosophy core classes ask students to seek an integrated vision of our humanity, spirituality, and the natural world. Philosophy core classes examine questions fundamental to personal dignity and social responsibility, especially key moral and political problems.

Studying abroad can be an especially enriching environment for learning philosophy. Philosophy is a global practice, and many of the best scholars teach at universities on other continents. Philosophy courses abroad enrich and enhance the liberal arts experience that Boston College seeks for its students.

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Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Paula Perry

Administrative and Undergraduate Specialist


There are no pre-approved courses to fulfill the theology core. Please consult the department contact directly.

Department Contact | Course Approvals & Director of Undergraduate Studies 

There are no core approvals given for writing courses abroad.