Globally Minded

The Office of International Programs (OIP) has a long tradition of working with faculty from across the University, with the objective of helping Boston College realize its strategic goal of, “becoming a significant intellectual crossroads, by leveraging Boston College’s international resources and partnerships and its Jesuit and Catholic networks.” Below is a sampling of the services we provide. We invite faculty to reach out to the OIP to explore the opportunities noted here or to discuss any other internationally-oriented projects or ideas.

Faculty Seminar Reflections

Franziska Seraphim

Franziska Seraphim

"This museum is what I was personally most looking forward to, but each of our activities seems to outdo the previous one or put it in a new perspective. The museum visit is greatly enhanced, retrospectively, by the visit to Villa Grimaldi. Still, each was clearly a highlight in its own right."

Franziska Seraphim

David Storey

"I never studied abroad as a BC undergraduate, which was probably for the best, since I had vague designs of going to Australia (primarily to surf, of course). I felt honored to be invited to participate in the faculty seminar in Latin America, and decided to treat it as the study abroad experience I never had."

Franziska Seraphim

Marcus Breen

"When the French cultural critic and theorist Pierre Bourdieu published his incendiary paper "The Forms of Capital," as a book chapter in 1986, he introduced two central concepts to the academic lexicon: cultural capital and social capital. Both terms were derived then defined by Bourdieu through the lens of accumulation."

Global Resources for Faculty

The Office of International Programs and McGillycuddy-Logue Center for Undergraduate Global Studies support the work of faculty and staff on campus, with the goal of help to make Boston College a more global and inclusive place for learning, both on campus and abroad.