Navigating to a successful education abroad experience

Continues throughout the fall semester

"eNav" is a series of virtual sessions aimed at helping BC students navigate their study abroad journey within the context of our University’s Jesuit mission. Discussions will revolve around how study abroad fits into your major, students' identity while abroad, affordability, and discerning. "eNav" is a collaborative effort organized by a wide array of departments and offices at Boston College, under the direction of the Office of International Programs.

This year we have opted not to hold the annual Study Abroad Fair, a tradition at Boston College for over 20 years. While we expect students to return to campus at the end of August, we ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to imagine us holding our annual fair, an event that draws up to 2,000 students in an enclosed space. Instead, we will be holding a series of virtual sessions, starting in mid-September, under the umbrella of “eNav”. While none of us would have liked to see the fair cancelled, the new sessions will allow us to be innovative and test new ideas for how we can advise students. As in the past, we will focus on helping students be more intentional about where and why they want to go abroad.



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Returning Students Lead the Way

World-class responses to the following questions: How did your experience change you? How did it make you stronger? What are the myths?

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Hao Ran (Henry) Yu CSOM'21

BC in Paris: École Supérieur de Commerce Paris


Fatoumata Sall MCAS '21

BC in London: Queen Mary
London, United Kingdom


Carlos Tramonte MCAS'21

University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia