Introducing the Ascend Lead Team 2019-2020


Abby is a senior from Simsbury, Connecticut studying psychology with a minor in biology. She spends her time on campus working in the Infant and Child Cognition Lab and as a 4B volunteer. In her free time, she loves to bake, run, hang out with friends, and try new restaurants in Boston. She is an avid Bachelor franchise fan and her favorite food is mac and cheese. She can't wait to meet and get to know you all!


Alanna is a Southern California native majoring in Psychology and minoring in Management & Leadership and Women & Gender Studies. On campus, she is a tutor/mentor through 4Boston and works at the BC Event Management office. As a junior living off campus this year, she enjoys spending time exploring Boston outside the "BC bubble" and searching for new Thai food restaurants. A few of her favorite things include watching (not playing) sports, buying unnecessary items at Sephora, and experiencing the East Coast seasons. She can’t wait to meet her first-year women in the spring!


Andrea is a junior from Bow, NH studying Biology and Public Health in the hopes of continuing on to either medical school to become a trauma surgeon or graduate school for Public Health, a major she created at BC. She just returned from a semester abroad in Australia where she took up skateboarding and surfing (when she can actually catch a wave). In her free time, she likes to watch sunrises, attend music festivals with friends, curate Spotify playlists and sometimes scoop ice cream at White Mountain.


Anna is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Finance, and is from Stamford, CT. On campus, she is on the E-Board of Women in Computer Science and interns at Boston Children's Hospital. Her favorite spot on campus is CoRo Cafe. In her free time, you can find her trying new restaurants, watching a new show, thrifting or exploring Boston!


Carlie is a junior majoring in Communication on the pre-law track. Originally from Manalapan, New Jersey, Carlie has far too much pride in her state. She’s a Recruitment Committee chair for Relay for Life, on the Prison Arts Outreach e-board, and a member of SAP! In her free time, Carlie enjoys binge-reading trashy romance novels, cooking new recipes, and annoying her friends when she needs attention. She’s so excited to meet everyone in her group and can’t wait for an amazing semester!


Carys is a senior majoring in economics and minoring in Women & Gender Studies. She's originally from Dublin, Ireland but lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She has been a member of 4Boston, a health coach, and an endeavor fellow. A day in her life typically involves Birkenstocks, flare jeans, and cheese. If you see her around campus, she’s probably listening to Fleetwood Mac, Drake, or Kygo. She is so excited to be an Ascend lead this year and cannot wait to meet her small group!


Chloe is a senior majoring in Film Studies and minoring in Marketing. She's a NYC native but spent two years in Scotland after finishing high school. She is always on the lookout for a new coffee spot or movie theater, and loves having empowering conversations with other women. She is so excited to be returning to Ascend this year and can't wait to meet the first-year women!


Courtney is a senior in the Lynch School of Education studying Applied Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Originally from San Diego, Courtney is a wimp when it comes to the winter so can be seen wearing her snow jacket when it hits 50 degrees. She has worked at the Campus School in a middle school classroom since freshman year and is also on the Bystander Intervention team. She is BEYOND excited to meet amazing first-year women and share all the funny, sad, exciting and surprising moments that make up college life!


Danielle is a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Math and Finance. She's from Cleveland, OH but has lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL for most of her life. Her hobbies include University Chorale, tennis, and piano. In her free time she loves binge watching shows (too emotionally attached to Game of Thrones), scrolling through Twitter, exercising, and exploring Boston. She participated in Ascend her freshman year, was an intern for Ascend last year, and is very excited to be a lead this spring!


Elise is a senior this year (wah), from Middletown, Rhode Island and is currently studying Applied Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Sociology in the Lynch School! She loves dogs more than anything, and a fun fact about her is that she is a shift manager at Cafe Landwer in Cleveland Circle! Hit her up if you need free coffee for a caffeine boost!


Gianna is a senior majoring in Biology. She hopes to go to PA school and get an MPH one day. Gianna is an Appa trip leader, volunteers at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program through 4Boston, is in Global Medical Brigades, and works as an EMT at Armstrong Ambulance Services. For fun, Gianna loves to run (she recently ran her first half marathon), bake, and spend time outside. She is beyond excited to be an Ascend lead this year and can’t wait to meet all of the amazing first year women!


Jenny is a senior studying English and is originally from Concord, New Hampshire. She is currently a copy editor for The Gavel, a member of 4Boston, and has led various retreats. Some of her favorite activities include sharing authentic conversations over a home cooked meal, drinking apple cider on a chilly day, and tagging friends in memes. She is incredibly excited to be part of the Ascend program and can’t wait to meet everyone!


Jian is a senior studying Operations Management with a minor in Medical Humanities, Health and Culture. She is the head coordinator of the Student Admission Program (Devlin 105 come through for treats and good vibes!), a research fellow for Boston Children's Hospital, and a Portico TA. She loves doing facemasks, pretending she knows what she's doing in the Plex, and watching movies with her roommates. She loves coffee and lunch dates and couldn't be more excited to be a part of Ascend!


Josie is a junior in MCAS studying Political Science and History and is originally from Gilbert, Arizona. She can always be found dancing, whether it be as a member of DOBC or as a Zumba instructor at the Plex! Josie is also an editor of the Colloquium Journal and a student mentor for the history department. Some of her favorite things include reading books, re-watching Criminal Minds, drinking iced tea from the Chocolate Bar, and hanging out with her friends. She is so excited to be a part of Ascend this year!


Julia is a senior in CSOM studying Accounting and Marketing. She is originally from Westchester, NY, and is excited to move back to NY after graduation. On campus, she is a tour guide for SAP, an accounting TA and tutor, and of course, an Ascend lead. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her roommates, exploring Boston, trying new restaurants, and watching reality TV. She'll use any excuse to show you pictures of her dog, get ice cream at White Mountain, or talk about her semester abroad in Florence, Italy. She is so excited to be part of Ascend and to meet all of the first-year women!


Justine is a junior from Avon, CT majoring in Communication and Applied Psychology. This year, she is a member of the Creative Council, works at the BC Law Library, is a research assistant for a PhD candidate in the Counseling Psychology Department, is a member of a CLC group, runs track with the Club Running team, and serves at the Juniper House in Newton. When Justine is not busy with homework and exams, she loves running, cooking/baking, hanging out with friends, and spending time in Boston. She is so very excited for this year and can't wait to meet & get to know her first years!


Kate K. is a junior majoring in Nursing, originally from Saint Louis, MO. On campus, she's involved in SAP, Lean on Me, and Appa. Her hobbies include eating large brunches on the weekends, reading, walking the res, and spending way too much money at Sephora. She is so excited to be part of Ascend this year!

Kate P

Kate P. is a senior in MCAS studying economics and mathematics and is originally from Seattle, Washington. She spends her time on campus working as a Health Coach with the Office of Health Promotion and promoting body positivity through her work with the Body Project. She loves exploring new places and has worked abroad in Paris and Dublin. In her spare time she loves listening to obscure podcasts, trying new recipes, and watching vine compilations. She is so excited to be a part of Ascend this year!


Khanh is a senior studying Sociology. Her hometown is Dorchester, Massachusetts. She thinks about her lab, Kodi, often. To cope with leaving her dog at home, she will make you stop at the sheer sight of any dog. When she's not thinking about dogs, she's working for a startup called BusWays. Khanh can't wait to meet all of the first-year women!


Krista is a senior studying Neuroscience, and is originally from Fishers, Indiana. At BC, she's involved with WZBC, sketch comedy group Hello...Shovelhead!, and The New England Classic. Her family is originally from Latvia, and so she is very involved in the Latvian American community. In her free time, she loves doing anything related to the arts, including going to concerts, taking pictures, and visiting museums.


Lia is a junior from Long Island studying Finance, Accounting, and Communications. She is the oldest of three children and her sister is currently a freshman at BC! In her free time, Lia can be caught exploring Boston either at restaurants or supporting the New York team at various sporting events. As you will quickly learn, Lia is Greek and resonates very strongly with her Greek heritage. She loves coffee, Greek food, sushi, Air Force 1s, and all things camouflage. Lia is involved with the Hellenic Society, the Office of Health Promotion, Women in Business, and is very excited to be joining the Ascend team!


Michaela is a senior studying Islamic Civilization and Societies and Political Science! She is originally from Freetown, MA. She spends most of her time at BC with the Office of First Year Experience, being an OL and a 48 Hours Leader. Additionally, Michaela loves being a leader for BC Bigs and giving tours and panels via SAP. She loves listening to country music, hanging out with her best friends in Rubi, or adventuring into Boston! She is a huge sports fan, especially baseball (go Sox and Nats!). Michaela is super excited to be a part of Ascend and can't wait to get to know all of the first years!

Maddie H

Maddie H. is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Journalism. She is originally from Denver and like any typical Coloradan loves hiking, skiing, and lavender essential oils. Maddie also dances with the Dance Organization of Boston College and volunteers with Prison Arts Outreach, a club that provides art programming to local inmates. On particularly rainy Boston days you can find Maddie curled up with a newspaper in Stokes, heading to a meditation class at a nearby studio, or venturing into Boston for yummy food. She is extremely excited to be both a friend and mentor to freshmen women!

Maddy D

Maddy D. is a senior from Tuxedo, NY majoring in Communication and minoring in American Studies. With hopes of pursuing a career in the music industry, Maddy is currently interning at an artist management company here in Boston and has also taken classes with Berklee College of Music online. In her free time Maddy enjoys taking Yoga and Zumba classes, exploring new coffee shops, binging The Great British Baking Show, and attending concerts. She is thrilled to be a part of the Ascend program this year and can’t wait to connect with the first-year women!


Manyaqi is a senior studying Philosophy (Perspectives Track), originally from Beijing, China. She actively engages in the startup community on and off campus, working on her startup Phoebe Jon, a female workwear brand that takes the work out of dressing for work. She is also an Outreach coordinator for Fashion Club, a Pilates instructor at the recreation center, and an International Assistant. She is “allergic” to bad food and soggy weather. When she is not busy running around you can find her reading books at a cafe, working out, or exploring the Boston food scene.


Margaret is a senior in CSOM studying Accounting and Business Analytics. Originally from Plymouth, MA, she loves all things pilgrims and Plymouth Rock. Her favorite food is pasta; she studied abroad in Milan and ate so much pasta. She loves Pino’s so much that she has a Pino’s t-shirt. Her dog is named after Boston College (his name is Bosco), and she has three adorable nieces. She is obsessed with country music and going to the beach. She loves to sing, even though she is most likely tone-deaf. She participated in Ascend her freshman year and is so excited to be a part of the program again!


Maria is a junior studying Communication and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. She is from Brooklyn, NY and is currently living in a double in 2000. Maria is currently a member of FISTS and has been since her freshman year. She also participated in the College Transition Program the summer prior to starting her freshman year. She has also done small programs at BC, such as Welcome Wagon and Endeavor and has also participated in programs such as PULSE, which gave her the opportunity to volunteer off campus.


Maya is a senior studying Applied Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Faith, Peace, and Justice. Originally from Oak Park, IL she loves being in Boston but hopes to return home to Chicago upon graduation. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends, playing racket sports at the Plex, and volunteering at Edison K-8 School in Brighton. Her favorite place on campus is Hillside, and you can find her there starting at 7:30 every morning.


Meghan is a senior studying Economics, and is originally from Albany, NY. In addition to Ascend, Meghan is also involved in Senior Companions, works at On the Fly, and is desperately trying to win an Intramural mug. Meghan loves laughing, sharing her alternative music, and grilling (for you). She is thrilled to be a part of Ascend and can't wait to meet all of you!

Molly C

Molly C. is a senior studying Perspectives and Theology, and she is originally from Kingston, MA. She has been involved with many retreats on campus and is leading an Arrupe trip to Guatemala this year. She loves music and has sung at Pops on the Heights and weekly Masses on campus. Her passions include reading, social justice, good food, and being a big sister to her rockstar lil sis Nora!

Molly L

Molly L. is a junior in the school of Nursing and is from Newport, RI. In addition to Ascend, Molly is a Health Coach in the Office of Health Promotion. When she isn’t busy hitting the books in Bapst, Molly loves traveling, sailing, being outdoors, and most of all - spending time with the loves of her life (aka her dogs). She can’t wait to meet the first year women of Ascend!


Morgan is a junior from Chatham, New Jersey. She is studying Elementary Education in the Lynch School. On campus, she is involved in Habitat for Humanity, Girls Who Code, and intramurals. Off campus, she loves to spend time in Boston, going to Red Sox games, concerts, and exploring new restaurants. She also likes to bake (and eat), travel, try to stay active, and has a slight addiction to Netflix (Friends especially). After loving Ascend her freshman year, she can't wait to be a lead this year!

Olivia B

Olivia B. is a senior majoring in Secondary Education and Hispanic Studies and minoring in Special Education. She is from Framingham, MA and is proud to be a Massachusetts local! She loves Halloween and is in denial that spooky season is over. She also loves Stranger Things, anything related to dogs, and all things Disney. At BC, you can usually find her in the ERC in Campion. She is so excited to be part of Ascend this year!

Olivia S

Olivia S. is a junior studying Economics and Finance and is from Wallingford, CT. At BC, she is involved with WZBC, Appalachian Volunteers, and intramural basketball. During her free time, she enjoys listening to 80's music, baking, and watching the New York Knicks. She's so excited to be an Ascend Lead this year!


Simran is a senior from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan studying Economics and is on the pre-med track. Simran spends her time on campus as a writer for BC’s newspaper The Heights and works as a research assistant in a lab that studies the effects of sleep deprivation (a common issue that she can relate to). Some of her favorite things include her dog Oliver, bucatini from Eataly, and color-coding her planner. She’s super excited to be a part of Ascend this year and can’t wait to meet everyone!


Taline is a junior double majoring in Applied Psychology and Economics, and minoring in Marketing. She comes from Newport Coast, CA. She loves reading, cooking, coffee, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite books include Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter (she’s read the series 5 times). Taline is a foodie at heart and you can normally find her trying new food places with friends and posting on her food account! She loves genuine and empowering conversations and can’t wait to have them with her Ascend group this semester!


Therese is a senior from Jersey City, NJ double majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development and Communications, with a concentration in special education. In addition to Ascend, she is on Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step, Arrupe, and is a TA for ERA. She is an avid dog lover and can’t function without her daily cup of coffee. She loves baking, watching movies with her friends, telling bad dad jokes, and having dance parties! She is extremely excited to be an Ascend lead this year and to meet and mentor the first-year women!


Tiffany is a senior studying Information Systems and Business Analytics and is originally from Lynnwood, WA. She's a Peer Advisor in the CSOM office, and is an e-board member for the Women Innovators Network. Off campus, she works at an internet startup called Starry, selling internet to people all over the Boston area. She loves playing soccer, tennis and is now an avid wallyball fan! Her favorite show at the moment is Brooklyn 99, and she's a sucker for rom coms. She's always down to go thrift shopping. She's pumped to meet all the wonderful women involved in Ascend this year!