A group photo of students in front of the Selma, Alabama sign

The 2019 Magis Civil Rights Immersion Trip

Magis Civil Rights Immersion Trip

The Magis Civil Rights Immersion Trip is a six-day tour through the South with stops at major sites related to the civil rights movement. The trip coincides with BC’s spring break, and encourages students to gain a deeper understanding of historic events, and of their own place within the continued battle for racial equality in the United States.

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As part of the aim of the 360 degree development of our students, the facilitation of a healthy concept of self is crucial. Important to understanding who we are as individuals, as well as being culturally and racially diverse, is an appreciation of where we come from and the history of struggle by our forebears that allow us to experience the liberties we so take for granted these days.

The civil rights movement is a pivotal part of this for many of us; white and black alike.

Too many of our youngsters today think of the civil rights movement to be the stuff of which stories are told. For them, the movement belongs in history books and is as fantasy-based as Snow White and the Dwarfs, with their varied names. It needs to be made alive for them so that they can come to realize that the civil rights movement is part of our everyday experience because it is  that struggles which continues for so many and which continues to develop a healthy tolerance for the variety that defines all humanity.

This is part of what the educational program we provide at our Jesuit Catholic university aims to do through campus ministry. To have students find God in all things and come to terms with their place in the universe so that they can positively impact their world.


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