This page is designed to assist University Mission & Ministry program managers as they navigate through the UMM System. Here, you will find brief guides for how to use the most frequently used tools within the System. Please feel free to contact or 617-552-2283 for more personalized assistance.

Setting Up a New Program

Do you have a brand new retreat coming up or a program that has never collected participations, applications, or payments in the UMM System before? This is the place to start!

At least two weeks before you would like to open the program to potential participants, please submit a request through the UMMSC request form. You'll be asked to provide the following details:

  1. Your contact information

  2. Program name

  3. Brief description of the program

  4. Program dates

  5. Is the program auto-accept? (i.e., Can anyone who is interested sign up for and participate in this program or retreat? If yes, the program is considered auto-accept. If you have an application process and only some applicants will be able to participate, the program is not auto-accept.)

  6. Is there a fee associated with your program?

  7. Do you want to have a form connected to your registration or application process?

  8. Does your program have subgroups?

Once we receive this email from you, we will begin to set up your program in the system. We will follow up to finalize any other details.

Accepting Applicants and Updating their Statuses and Roles

If your program is not set up to automatically accept applicants you will need to change the status of individuals to "Accepted." This is especially important if you are collecting payments from people participating in your program. A person can only submit a payment to a program if their status is set to "Accepted."

To change an individual's or a group of participants' status to "Accepted," follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the UMM System at

  2. Under the Program Related section in the top navigation bar, click Batch Applicant Attendee Update

  3. Select the program that you are working with from the Select Program drop down (note: If you do not see the program that you are attempting to edit in this list, please send an email to

  4. You will see a list of all applicants associated with your program. You will also see the name of anyone who clicked on the direct link to your program and logged in with their BC credentials. You may see names of people who have not fully completed the application steps (if you have any), their status will be blank.

  5. To view all potential participants on one page (rather than just 15 entries per page): click the Actions button > hover over Rows Per Page > select All

  6. To view more or less information about each participant: click the Actions button > click Select Columns. Here, you can see which columns are not displaying in your report and which columns are. To customize your view, double click a column title to move it to Display or Not Display.

  7. Once you have customized the report to a view that you would like to return to, be sure to save the report: click the Actions button > Save Report

  8. To change the status of a participant or participants, click the check box next to their name, then click the Batch Update Options button.

  9. On the Batch Update options page you will see options to change the status, role, BC affiliation, and subgroup of those you have selected. Select whichever changes apply and click Apply Changes. (Keep in mind there is no "Undo last change" button. It is helpful to double check the names you have selected to ensure you are making the appropriate changes. You can update statuses/roles/affiliations/subgroups as much as you would like, but once you make a change, you do not see the history of changes.)

Viewing Payments

If your program has a fee component, you can easily view who has submitted a payment through the Batch Applicant Attendee Update page.

  1. Log in to the UMM System at

  2. Under the Program Related section in the top navigation bar, click Batch Applicant Attendee Update

  3. Select your specific program from the Select Program drop down list

  4. This list includes every student who applied or was interested in your program. If the program is set to auto-accept, everyone who has completed the relevant registration components (this could be just logging in, or filling out a form) will be listed as accepted and be able to submit a payment. If your program is not auto-accept, you will need to accept applicants (see instructions above).

  5. There are a few different payment-related columns on this page:

    Program Fee = the base fee charged for participation in the program

    Fee Charged = the fee an individual is actually being charged (most of the time this will be the same as the Program Fee, unless you have requested that certain participants pay a different fee)

    Total Payments = the amount of money an individual has submitted so far

    Balance Due = the difference between Fee Charged and Total Payments

Viewing Form Responses

  1. Log in to with your BC credentials 

  2. Under the Program Related section in the top navigation bar, click Manage Program Forms

  3. Locate the form that you are collecting responses with either by scanning the list, or typing the name of the program in the search bar

  4. Click the View Submitted Forms button at the far right of the appropriate form row

  5. Here you will see the individual form responses along with auto-collected student service information

  6. Customize your view through the Actions button (select columns to display or not display in report, view all rows on one page, download the responses if necessary)

  7. Once you customize the report once, be sure to click the Actions button, then click Save Report so that your personalized set-up will be easily accessible the next time you log in.

Closing Out a Program

A program should be "closed out" within two weeks of the last date of the program or event. By closing out a program, you are ensuring that the UMM System accurately represents participation within our Division. To close out a program, you will record the final status of each person associated with the program. This is also the time to confirm that all of the program financials are balanced if the program had a fee.

  1. Log in to the UMM System at

  2. Under the Program Related section in the top navigation bar, click, click Batch Applicant Attendee Update

  3. Select the program that you are working with from the Select Program drop down

  4. All students, faculty, and staff associated with the program (even if they applied, withdrew, or declined acceptance) should be associated with this program in the UMM System. If you have a list of names and Eagle ID numbers of people who did not enter into your program through the UMM System, please use the Upload Template to send this information to

  5. For each person associated with the program, you will need to confirm or update their record on this page to reflect what their participation ended up being.

    This field must reflect the reality of the person’s role in the program (e.g. Retreatant, Leader, Participant)

    Status: This field must reflect the reality of the person’s final status with the program (e.g. Waitlisted, Not Selected, Declined Acceptance, Participated)

    Affiliation: If the person is an undergrad or grad student, their affiliation is "student." If they are a faculty or staff member, their affiliation is "facstaff."

    Balance Due: If a person participated in a program that had a fee, this field must be reduced to zero. You should follow-up with participants who have an outstanding balance.

    Subgroup: If applicable, assign the correct subgroup to each participant.

  6. To change an individual or batch of participants' role/status/affiliation/subgroup, you can check the names of those you wish to update then use the Batch Update Options button to apply changes. Be sure to check No to "Send E-Mail to Applicants" when you make the updates, otherwise the changes will not be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't have access to view my program(s) when I log in to How do I get access?

A: Submit a request through the UMMSC request form with details about which program(s) you are working with and the Service Center will grant you the appropriate access.

Q: What if I want to adjust a fee for a participant?

A: Submit a request through the UMMSC request form with the new fee and the first name, last name, and Eagle ID number of the person you would like to have pay an alternative fee amount.

Q: Is there an informational sheet that I can print out and have with me as I use the system?

A: Yes! The UMMPM Info Sheet reviews the basics on how to use the UMM System.