To apply for an American Express Corporate Card, please submit a request through the UMMSC Request Form.

If you would like further information on the benefits of a corporate card, visit the BC Travel page.

Deposits from Income & Fundraising

For fundraising deposits please deliver cash and checks with one of the following forms to the UMMSC:

To collect payments and dues from participants, we strongly recommend that you use the UMM System with CashNet whenever possible. 

To set up a new CashNet collection, fill out an E-Market request form and submit it to the UMMSC two weeks before the date that you would like to begin collecting money.

Deposits from Donations

We encourage donations to be collected online through the UMM Online Giving page. If they are received as a check, use one of the following forms and deliver to the UMMSC:



Remember: Employees and guests of the University requiring reimbursement for airline travel must turn in boarding passes!

Paying Employees and Students

  • Expense Report: To reimburse an employee or student, please complete this form and attach any relevant receipts.

  • Supplemental payment forms for employees: To pay an employee for work they have done for another department or beyond their normal duties, please complete this form and include the answers to these questions on the form:
    • When was the work performed? During the 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. workday or evenings and weekends?
    • How many hours were worked?
    • Please include a detailed description of services rendered.
    • How was the payment amount determined?
  • Student Direct Deposit Form: To reimburse a student (who is not working for BC) through Direct Deposit, please complete this form.

Outside Vendors, Companies, and Individuals

Please note: Procurement requires the Independent Contractor form for all Honorarium requests. That is separate from the W9, which will add the person to the vendor list. Both forms must be submitted.

  • Voucher form. This form should accompany any invoice or paperwork related to paying an outside vendor. If this vendor has not previously been paid by Boston College, please have them fill out a W9 or a W8Ben (see links below).

  • W-9. This should be completed by all new suppliers. This must be submitted if the vendor (a person, company, or organization) is not in PeopleSoft. Please follow this link to the Boston College Procurement site and navigate to BC's W9 form. Please also review and fill out the Independent Contractor Policy (see below) for all persons who are vendors if Boston College has not paid your vendor in more than a year.

  • Honorarium. Fill out this form when paying a speaker. If this speaker has not previously been paid by Boston College, please have them fill out and submit to the UMMSC a W9 or a W8Ben (see links above and below).

  • Foreign Vendor Registration Form. ​This link leads you to the Doing Business with BC page. Scroll down to select the Foreign Vendor Registration Form. Once completed and submitted, you will be taken to the appropriate W8Ben form. This form needs to be completed by new internationally-located vendors.​

  • Review the Independent Contractor Policy on the Controller's website and then fill out the Independent Contractor Questionnaire.
    Sole Source Justification Form. This form must be filled out if no other person or company can perform the service that your department requires.

Additional Information

  • Venmo and other mobile payment services are not to be used for official University business.

  • Giftcard policy