Welcome Gators! BC Information Technology Services (ITS) is available to help with any of your technology questions.

Here you will find information to help you connect to WiFi, hook up your gaming consoles to the internet, connect to BC's online streaming service (Xfinity on Campus), and beyond.

Students, Faculty & Staff

Update Emergency Contact

To update your emergency contact info:

  1. Sign in to Agora Portal: https://portal.bc.edu
  2. Under the "Account and Personal Info" section, click "Address/Phone/Emergency Contact."
  3. Follow the on screen instructions.

Connect to the Internet

BC’s eduroam network

Use the “eduroam” wireless network available in the following buildings:

  • Ashby Campus Center
  • Annenberg Library and Communications Center
  • Haldan Hall
  • The Villages (East Village, South Village & West Village)
    Note: The wired (Ethernet) network is no longer available in the Villages.


PMC Network

Everywhere else on campus remains on the Pine Manor College wireless network. Once you connect to the network, open a web browser on your device and follow the steps to register on the network. You will need a valid PMC User ID and Password.


Your PMC email is the primary form of communication for students. You are responsible for reading both your PMC and Boston College email regularly. You can forward your BC email to your PMC email to make this easier.  

PMC Email

Access your Microsoft Outlook email account by logging into https://outlook.com/pmc.edu with your PMC User ID and password to log in. 

Smartphone and Tablet Email Setup (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry):

  • Server Name: webmail.pmc.edu
  • Username: Typically User ID including @PMC.edu sometimes username without the @PMC.edu
  • Use Exchange or ActiveSync account type
  • Domain: PMC or AD.PMC.edu

BC Gmail

Access your BC gmail account by logging in with your BCusername@bc.edu & Secondary Password.


The BC Technology Help Center can assist you with both PMC and BC Credentials.

PMC Credentials

Reset PMC Password 

To change your password because it expired or because you forgot it, visit https://password.pmc.edu and click "Reset your password" and follow the onscreen instructions. When asked for the Domain name, enter PMC.

PMC Password Expiration

For security purposes, PMC passwords expire every 180 days. You must change your password before it expires. If your password has expired, reset it as outlined above. 

BC Credentials

MyPMC and BC Agora Portal


MyPMC is the online gateway to resources and services for the Pine Manor community. You will find links to all the resources you will need on campus including academics, finances, and general campus life. Access MyPMC at: http://my.pmc.edu/

Some of the links available on MyPMC are:

  • Student Email: Click on the link to be taken to the webmail login for your Pine Manor email account.
  • Student Portal: The Student Portal is a system designed to provide students access to course listings, advising information, unofficial transcripts, viewing grades, and more.
  • PMC Online: Moodle is a learning management system for faculty to deliver course materials, collect assignments, and communicate with students.
  • Shuttle: Find the times the shuttle travels to public transportation and shopping off campus.
  • Emergency Notification System: The PMC College Text Message Alert System is a mass notification system that enables the college community to receive text alerts and updates in the event of an emergency. All PMC students are automatically enrolled once per semester. If you are having trouble receiving the alerts, please contact Public Safety at 617-731-7647 for assistance.

BC Agora Portal

Phones at PMC

The Pine Manor buildings that are on the BC "eduroam" network are equipped with BC Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones. If you have a BC SIP phone, you will have a new phone number (617-552-xxxx), which you can look up in the BC directory.

The Pine Manor buildings that are on the PMC network have the same phone numbers as before (617-731-xxxx), which you can look up in the Pine Manor directory.

Making Calls

To make a call using a BC SIP phone:

  • To call a PMC (617-731-xxxx) phone, dial 9+10 digits.
  • To call another BC SIP phone, just dial 5-digits (2-xxxx).

To make a call using a PMC phone:

  • To call a PMC (617-731-xxxx) phone, just dial the last 4 digits.
  • To call a BC SIP phone or off campus, dial 9+10 digits.

Technology Support

We're here to help.

Support Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 6pm

Support for Learning Management Tools, including Canvas, Panopto & Voice Thread: https://bc-elocs.zendesk.com/hc