Faculty/Staff Assistance Program

The Faculty/Staff Assistance Program provides professional counseling and referral as well as consultation and information to Boston College faculty, staff, and their families. This ongoing campus resource is available to help you address personal, family, or work-related problems such as concerns for an aging relative, questions about alcohol or other drugs, or reactions to changes at home and at work. Professional consultation can help you decide if further assistance is necessary, and where and how to get help.

Individuals are free to discuss any problem that concerns them, including:

  • Job-related issues
  • Family and parenting issues
  • Marital stress
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Vocational planning
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Financial difficulties
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Legal referrals
  • Separation and divorce
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress


All Faculty/Staff Assistance Program services are free. 


The Faculty/Staff Assistance Program treats all contacts confidentially. Records do not go into personnel files. Federal laws protect your privacy in these matters.

Other Services

Programs focusing on issues of health promotion, family life, and stress management are offered throughout the year. These presentations provide information and skills to prevent or to reduce potential conflicts in the personal and work lives of faculty, staff, and their families. In addition, the Program is available for consultations to supervisors and department personnel to arrange special departmental presentations or to address individual or group problems that may be interfering with effective work performance.

How to use the program

Contact Program Director Marie Elena Gioiella at (617) 552-3340 to set up an appointment. Appointments can be arranged at your convenience. The Faculty/Staff Assistance Program is located at 129 Lake, Brighton Campus.