The Mission of Employee Development

Professional development is a lifelong process. Through training and education opportunities, employees enhance their existing skills and acquire new knowledge. The Employee Development Office strives to support employees at all stages of their career at Boston College by:

  • focusing on University core competencies in its program offerings
  • aligning program offerings with the objectives of the University Performance Management Program
  • integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion and Ignatian tradition as a systemic approach to workplace learning
  • helping departments and work groups connect individual employee development with organizational goals and objectives
  • emphasizing job enrichment
  • bringing employees together to build community, foster collegiality, share ideas, and exchange information


Who benefits from continuous learning?

Employees benefit from continuous learning

By participating fully in any learning activity, you:

  • sharpen current skills and acquire new ways to apply them on the job
  • increase the value you bring to your role and department
  • have an opportunity to meet others across the University and learn from their ideas and experiences

Supervisors benefit from continuous learning

By committing the time to people development, you have employees who:

  • are more motivated, focused, and productive
  • show improvement in their job performance
  • bring a fresh approach in getting their work done

Boston College benefits from continuous learning

By investing in its employees, the University gains and retains employees who:

  • are better prepared for Boston College’s future
  • use their skills, knowledge, and talents for the overall good of the campus community
  • contribute more fully to the University’s mission and goals