The Jesuit Institute sponsors research, academic exchange and collective inquiry into issues that emerge at the intersection of faith and culture. The Institute works principally with schools, departments, and programs of Boston College. To present such a project for sponsorship, please submit a proposal to the director. 

Interdisciplinary Seminars

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The interdisciplinary seminars run for three to four years and typically result in a volume of essays, a scholarly journal, or an international conference or set of lectures.

Visiting Fellows

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The Jesuit Institute invites to Boston College scholars from other institutions around the world whose research and writing bear upon the religious dimension of culture.


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The Jesuit Institute hosts several lectures during the year that address the issues of faith and culture, including the Gasson Lecture Series and the Canisius Lecture.

The Show @ 6: BC and the Common Good

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"The Show @ 6" features friends and members of the BC community discussing a range of issues affecting our world today—all revolving around the theme of the Common Good.