Public Health Clubs at Boston College

Boston College students lead a number of clubs and organizations dedicated to key issues in Global Public Health. While our faculty members advise these clubs from time to time and sometimes speak at their events, these clubs are entirely student run.

The following clubs provide Boston College students with excellent opportunities to learn about public health, do meaningful work, and meet friends and colleagues.  We encourage interested students to explore them.

Public Health Club Logo

Charity Water
Rockib Uddin

Description: The Boston College chapter of charity: water dedicated itself to fundraising and advocating for the water crisis. Since 2012, its goal has been to provide as many people as possible with clean and safe drinking water. Charity: water changes everything from health, to female empowerment, to economies.


Boston College EMS
Flora Braes

Description: Boston College EMS is a student-run, all-volunteer, quick-response emergency medical care provider founded in 1997. BC EMS serves both members of the Boston College community and guests to the Boston College campus. They operate 7 days a week and provide coverage of campus events through strategically placed foot teams, as well as campus-wide coverage with our Class V non-transporting ambulance. In addition to its role as a care provider, Boston College EMS has a commitment to advancing medical education and promoting health and safety among EMTs and students alike through lectures and classes.

Partners in Health Logo

Climate Justice @ BC

Description: Climate Justice @ Boston College is a group of undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, and staff at Boston College who are fighting to mitigate climate change to prevent further environmental disaster that threatens the well-being of communities around the world.

Engineering World Health logo

Engineering World Health
Jenna Santos

Description: Engineering World Health is a U.S.-based non-profit organization that engages the skills and passions of students and professionals from around the globe to improve healthcare delivery in low-income countries.

Volunteer engineers use their unique abilities to install and repair life-saving equipment in resource-poor hospitals, and to train local technicians in order to build sustainable capacity.

Global Medical Brigades of Boston College Logo

Global Medical Brigades of BC

Description: Boston College is a chapter of Global Medical Brigades, an international movement of students and medical professionals working alongside local communities and staff to implement sustainable health systems. They work in remote, rural, and under resourced communities in Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Ghana who would otherwise have limited to no access to health care. In conjunction with our Medical Program, Global Brigades also supports communities with economic development, sanitation and clean water projects, and uniquely implements these programs in a holistic model to meet a community’s health and economic goals.

One for the World Logo

One for the World
Caroline Bald

Description: One For The World is an organization that uses rigorous, data-driven charity selection to recommend the most effective charities to donate your dollars to. OFTW motivates people to donate 1% or more of their post-graduate income to the world’s most cost-effective charities, every month, for life.

Partners in Health Logo

Partners in Health at BC
Jenna Mu

Description: Partners in Health focuses on addressing health disparities in communities across the globe.

Public Health Club Logo

Public Health Club of BC
Cailin MacQuarrie

Description: The Boston College Public Health Club is a community of students across disciplines who all share a passion for public health. At Boston College, BCPHC strives to create an engaging and creative culture around current issues in the field of public health. At our core, we seek to provide a clear access point for students who strive to develop their voice in public health at Boston College.


Student Health Equity Forum
Harry Shanmugam & Janani Sundaresan

Description: The Student Health Equity Forum (SHEF) of Boston College, formerly GlobeMed, aims to educate students about the world’s leading public health issues and provide them with hands on experience so they can become well-practiced leaders within the field.

Timmy Global Health Logo

Timmy Global Health

Contact:  Kathryn Giordano

Description: Boston College Timmy Global Health works alongside our international partner clinic, 32 Volcanes, in Xela, Guatemala. Student volunteers travel to Guatemala every August to provide care to patients in 5 different communities over the course of one week. Timmy Global Health also holds monthly meetings where all students are welcome to come and discuss global health issues.