The Program for Global Public Health and the Common Good was established in 2018. It is the first initiative of Boston College’s Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society. It encompasses education, research and service.

The program offers a 6-course undergraduate minor in Global Public Health and the Common Good that is open to students from schools across Boston College. This minor builds on Boston College’s long tradition of preparing women and men for leadership careers in the health sciences. It will prepare students for postgraduate studies in public health and enrich the education of students planning careers in medicine, dentistry and nursing.

Our researchers study the spread of pandemics, nutrition and health, the health impacts of pollution and climate change, and the ethical foundations of public health.

The program is highly interdisciplinary. It draws on faculty from Boston College’s Schools of Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Education, Management, Theology & Ministry, Law and Social Work.

Reflecting Boston College’s Jesuit, Catholic tradition, the program is rooted in a philosophy of social justice. It seeks to understand, quantify and eradicate inequalities in health. It embodies a preferential option for the poor.


Public health is the science and art of improving health, preventing disease, prolonging life and enhancing well-being. Public health workers safeguard the health of entire populations – cities, states, countries and even the world. They fight epidemics. They protect the environment. They work to promote social justice and reduce disparities in health.

Public health is highly interdisciplinary. Its core science is epidemiology. It collaborates with a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, biostatistics, demography, environmental science, climate science, economics, law, history, geography, social science, neuroscience, psychology, political science, international studies, health care administration, and city planning.