Grant Recipients

The Clough Center has continued to fund Boston College students and faculty to facilitate their research and participation. We are especially proud to support the work of our outstanding student fellows, providing an interdisciplinary milieu for their intellectual explorations. Read about our 2021-22 Fellows below, and if you're interested in learning more or applying for a grant, please visit our Grants page.

Civic Internship Recipients

Recipients of a Civic Internship Grant have access to a wide variety of opportunities for undergraduate scholarship pertaining to the study of constitutional democracy. As members of the Junior Fellows Program, they have privileged access to private events sponsored by the Clough Center, enabling them to interact first-hand with some of the most distinguished scholars in the country.

Graduate Fellows

The Graduate Fellows Program at the Clough Center will be entering this year with a roster of 24 graduate students from the departments of Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Sociology, and Theology.

Academic Law Fellows

The Clough Center recognizes Boston College Law Students of exceptional academic ability and accomplishment who are enrolled in any of the Law School’s degree programs. The 2021-22 Academic Law Fellows are:

Public Interest Law Scholars

Consistent with the Center’s mission to support students committed to service to others, the Clough Center provides grants to Boston College first- and second-year law students for uncompensated public interest work during the summer. The 2021-22 Public Interest Law Scholar grants have been awarded to: