Transfer Credit

Courses taken at other institutions prior to enrollment at Boston College must be approved in advance by the Office of Transfer Admission. Within two to three business days of receiving your offer of admission, you will receive an email from us with a degree audit and explanation letter detailing how the courses you took at other colleges and/or universities apply to your degree program at Boston College.

The Office of Transfer Admission reviews previous coursework and can award credit to fulfill core requirements and elective slots. Our office is not able to assign credit toward a major. Should you have questions about how your coursework might apply toward your intended major, we suggest you contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your department of interest.

The unit of credit at Boston College is the semester hour. Most courses earn 3 semester hours of credit. Lab sciences usually earn 4 semester hours of credit. Courses in transfer with credit values ranging from 1–4 semester hours of credit will be considered on a course by course basis. A maximum of 30 credit hours for a first semester sophomore, 45 for a second semester sophomore and 60 semester hours of credit for an incoming junior will be allowed in transfer.

No transfer credit will be granted for internships, field experiences, practica, or independent study.

Grade point averages do not transfer with students. A new grade point average begins with the commencement of a student’s career at the University and reflects only work completed as a full-time undergraduate at Boston College. A new grade point average also begins when students transfer from the Woods College of Advancing Studies to one of the full-time undergraduate schools or when a full-time undergraduate transfers to the Woods College of Advancing Studies.

How to Review your Transfer Credit Evaluation


The following is information that will help you to read and understand your degree audit. Read both your audit and the audit key carefully to understand what is required of you in order for you to graduate from Boston College. Included are your core requirements and the requirements for your major (if specified).

" ** " to the left of a requirement indicates that this core requirement is complete

In "EX" Column

If 'AP' appears in this column, this means that course equivalency was granted through a qualifying score on an advanced placement exam or through a college course taken on a college campus during high school or over the summer immediately following high school graduation. We do not accept dual enrollment credits for placement. Students do not earn credit through AP at Boston College. However, qualifying scores can place a student out of core requirements.

If 'T' appears in this column, credit was granted through a course transferred from another institution.

In "CR" Column

The number of credits accepted. For example:

  • 03 = three credits
  • 06 = six credits
  • 04 = four credits
  • 08 = eight credits

The number of credits required to graduate by academic division:

  • Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences = 120 credits
  • Carroll School of Management = 120 credits
  • Lynch School of Education and Human Development = 120 credits
  • Connell School of Nursing = 117 credits

Language proficiency requirement

For students in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences:

Prior to graduation, all students must demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level in a modern foreign language or classical language. Proficiency must be demonstrated by satisfying one of the following options:

  1. Submitting a qualifying SAT II Subject Test, AP, or leaving exam score. Learn what scores qualify for proficiency.
  2. Successful completion of the second semester of course work at the intermediate level
  3. Taking one semester above the intermediate level
For students in the Carroll School of Management, Connell School of Nursing, and Lynch School of Education and Human Development:

Language proficiency is not required.

Courses not counting toward degree not matched to above requirements

These are courses that were accepted as electives. You will receive this credit, but the courses do not fulfill requirements in the core or in your major. If one or more of these electives might match a major requirement, you must see the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your department to have the course(s) moved into the appropriate major requirements.The admission office can only count courses as elective or core, so you must speak directly to the department about having courses count towward your major.

Please note: 

  • Cultural diversity courses taken outside of Boston College can only fulfill the core requirement in cultural diversity with specific approval from the core committee. Should you have a course that you'd like considered to satisy this requirement, please complete this approval request form.
  • Statistics does not fulfill the mathematics core requirement. College Algebra and College Trigonometry are not transferable to Boston College.
  • Pass/Fail courses do not transfer to Boston College unless the transcript specifically indicates that a "Pass" is equivalent to earning a C- or better in the course.
  • "Unevaluated" courses are courses for which we need a course description or syllabus. Please email any course descriptions to as soon as possible.
  • "Unverified" courses are courses for which we do not have official final grades. Please have these official transcripts forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Admission as soon as possible.