We work with academic programs, continuing education units, and individual faculty members from across the university to create high-quality and engaging online courses. We provide a suite of services at every stage of the process, from initial ideation and planning for an online program through teaching and revising the course. Some of our services include:

  • Program curriculum planning and design
  • Developing a custom “look and feel” for an online program
  • Instructional design support, typically through a dedicated instructional designer
  • Video, graphics, and other custom media production
  • Faculty training in course design best practices and online teaching
  • On-demand support for faculty members while they are teaching an online course

If you are interested in building an online course or program, please contact us at cdil-inbox@bc.edu.

We also offer training to faculty members who are teaching online courses. Our online course in teaching online is offered at least three times per year and helps faculty members build digital interaction and facilitation skills necessary for effective teaching in the online environment. All faculty members at BC are welcome to sign up for this course. For more information, please contact us at cdil-inbox@bc.edu.