Sub Turri, the official undergraduate yearbook of Boston College, is a full color spring publication. Meaning "Under the Tower" in Latin, Sub Turri has been distributed at BC since 1913. Sub Turri is a student-run organization that works with the Jostens, Inc. publishing company.



How do I order this year's book?
2023 Yearbooks will be on sale starting in September. If you are interested in purchasing a 2022 Yearbook, please e-mail us at subturri@bc.edu.

When/how will my yearbook be delivered to me?
2022 Yearbooks ordered through the Josten's site should have arrived to homes by June 10, 2022. If you ordered your yearbook through Josten's and still have not received it, please email Sub Turri for your book's tracking number. All books purchased through our Extra Sales link were allocated to be picked up on campus. If you ordered a 2022 Extra Sales Yearbook and forgot to pick it up during Senior Week, please reach out for pick up options. **Sub Turri is not responsible for and will not replace or refund any lost or damaged books.

How do I order a previous year's yearbook?
We have a limited number of yearbooks available from past years. If you're interested in ordering one, send an e-mail to subturribusiness@gmail.com with the year you're looking for. If we have any left in our inventory, you will be sent a link to purchase.

What does it mean to be a patron or benefactor? What is the money donated used for?
Sub Turri is a non-profit organization run through the generosity of our patrons and benefactors. The donated money is used to cover production costs like our contract with Jostens, supplies, and equipment.
All patrons and benefactors should e-mail us at subturri@bc.edu letting us know how they would like their name(s) to appear in Sub Turri so that they receive proper recognition.


How do I sign up for senior portraits?
February 25th is the final date to sit for your senior portraits. If there are no appointments available on the site, we are fully booked. Please continue checking for any cancellations that may occur, however, no new dates will be opening. We are unable to extend them any longer or squeeze anyone in. Sign up HERE using school code 29!

When can I take portraits?
Portrait sittings began on October 20th and close on February 25th. No more dates will be opening. We are unable to accommodate any students who do not secure an appointment. Sign up HERE using school code 29.

May I use another photographer/picture or submit my own portrait?
No, Sub Turri has a contract with LifeTouch Studios. We cannot allow students to do this as we would be in legal trouble.

How much does this cost?
There is NO sitting fee to get your yearbook photo taken (or retaken) and included in the yearbook. You are charged only if you decide to order pictures.

What can I expect on the day of my appointment?
Portraits will take place in the Sub Turri office, McElroy 103, or in Carney. Please arrive 10 minutes early to Mac 103 for your appointment. You will be told where to go from there. Females should dress in business casual wear and males should wear a shirt/tie/jacket. There will be a standard cap and gown provided for grad shots.

Where are my cap and gown photos?
If you did not get them with your initial set of proofs, Lifetouch mails cap and gown proofs home the first week of April.

Can I order a portrait package that combines cap and gown with the regular portraits?
Yes! Just contact a customer service rep online to do so.

Is there a deadline for ordering portraits?
Lifetouch keeps the proofs for a full academic year.


Each year we have an incredible staff of undergraduate students working to create the book.

Michael Morrison

senior editor-in-chief

Emily Murphy

junior editor-in-chief

Gabby Savo

managing editor

Kathryn Treacy

senior photo editor

Angelica Saggers

senior business manager

Vincent Porta

business manager

Brooke Picazio

business staff

Liv Genovese

Jack Broadhurst

Laney Thomas

Amanda DeRosa

Abby Walker

Alyssa Lopez

Jetta Chu

Keno Brown

Alex Burzlaff

Xin Shen

Diyaa Nassar

Monika Jagustyn

Callan Happe

Madigan Wade

Danielle Cresci

Nina Khaghany

Jessie Velishka

Casey Houlahan

Emily Riccardi

Mia Pioli

Meaghan Sawyer

Diana Flynn

Victoria Miller

Jiaxuan Li

Lili Fleming

Yating Wang

Julia Fratamico

Nicole Wei

Caroline Vontzalides

Ananya Kuttikkad

Cheyenne McKnight

Carolyn Joyce

Akanksha Jhunjhunwala

Antonia Rija

Grace McNally

Annabel Lee

Ruoshan Zhou

Fallon Jones

Paige Fleming

Emely Espadin-Marquez

Madeline Canning

Katelyn Cozzi

Chan Woo Kim

Caroline Cannon


Applications for 2022-2023 editorial & photo staff are now open!

Apply for Editorial

Our editorial staff is responsible for layout design, copy writing, and photography choice.

Apply for Photo

Our photography staff covers events and other miscellaneous photo needs across all sections of the book.

senior checklist

for the class of 2022

Order Your Yearbook

Class of 2022, order your yearbook HERE. **Please note that on-campus addresses cannot be used for delivery.**

Get Your Portrait Taken

Senior portraits are free! Don't miss your chance to be included in your class yearbook. Use school code 29.

Upload Your Photos

**Photos for the 2022-2023 Yearbook are not being collected yet**

Submit your photos from the year using ReplayIt (UserID: 416204584) to have them featured in your book! In order to ensure Sub Turri properly represents BC's undergraduate population in its entirety, we ask that you please consider uploading your photos to ReplayIT. With your help, our staff can create a book that fully reflects our amazing students and all that they do! Thank you in advance!! **Disclaimer: Due to the volume of photos we receive, submitting photos does not guarantee that they will be featured in the book.**



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