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The Church in the 21st Century Center

Welcome to the C21 Center Student Corner!

a resource for college students exploring their faith

Who We Are

Our mission is to be a resource for the renewal of the Catholic Church in the 21st Century. Our Center began as a two-year initiative in September 2002 to explore the problematic issues highlighted by the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.  Since then, the Church in the 21st Century Center has grown and now focuses on four main issues,  1. Roles and relationships in the contemporary Church 2. Sexuality in Catholic teaching and the Catholic Community 3. Handing on the faith to young people 4. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

What We Do

C21 serves as a resource for the Catholic Church and in doing so promotes many events, lectures and conferences throughout the school year.  We also put forth a free biannual magazine, C21 Resources, with articles surrounding our center's semester theme.  In addition, we have an award winning book series that discuss issues ranging from sexuality to hope and ministry for the Church.

Why We Do It

What the Center strives to do is create a dialogue. We are not here to take a side, but rather to present an issue with the hope of engaging everyone in a conversation. We want to get students, just like you, critically thinking and dialoguing about the issues that face the Catholic Church in the 21st Century with the hope of carrying it into the future.

       " Youth, large, lusty, loving, youth, full of grace, force fascination... Day full-blown and splendid day of the immense sun, action, ambition, laughter..."

- Walt Whitman -