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The Church in the 21st Century Center

C21 Resources

the church in the 21st century center

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C21 Resources is a compilation of critical analyses and essays on key challenges facing the Catholic Church today. Each issue features original and reprinted articles around a particular theme.  First published in 2003, C21 Resources is mailed twice a year, free of charge to some 175,000 Boston College alumni and other interested subscribers.

Previous issues are available in electronic read format via ISSUU or an enhanced PDF that allows for printing and sharing of individual articles.

For a FREE SUBSCRIPTION, send us an email at or call us at 617-552-0470.

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View our C21 Resources Collection

Fall 2018: A Hope to Share (pdf)
Spring 2018: The Gift of Friends (pdf)
Fall 2017: Living Faith for the Journey (pdf)
Spring 2017: Forming Conscience (pdf)
Fall 2016: Conscience at Work (pdf)
Spring 2016: The Treasure of Hispanic Catholicism (pdf)
Fall 2015: Our Faith, Our Stories (pdf)
Spring 2015: Catholic Families: Carrying Faith Forward (pdf)
Fall 2014: For the Poor: What Did Jesus Preach? What Does the Church Teach? (pdf)
Spring 2014: Intimacy and Relationships in Catholic Life (pdf)
Fall 2013: Living Catholicism: Roles and Relationships for a Contemporary World (pdf)
Spring 2013: Exploring the Catholic Intellectual Tradition (pdf)
Fall 2012: Handing on the Faith (pdf)
Spring 2012: Catholics: A Sacramental People (pdf)
Fall 2011: The Eucharist: At the Center of Catholic Life (pdf)
Spring 2011: The Vocations of Religious and the Ordained (pdf)
Fall 2010: Vocations of the Laity (pdf)
Spring 2010:
Growing Faith for an Evangelizing Church (pdf)
Fall 2009: Growing Faith for a Vibrant Church (pdf)
Spring 2009: Catholic Spirituality in Practice (pdf)
Fall 2008: Encountering Jesus in the Scriptures (pdf)
Fall 2007: A Marriage Proposal (pdf)
Spring 2007: A "catholic" Intellectual Tradition (pdf)
Fall 2006: Young Adult Catholics: Challenges and Opportunities (pdf)
Spring 2006: Parish Ministry Today (pdf)
Spring 2005: The Virtue of Hope (pdf
Fall 2004: A Plea for Dialogue (pdf)
Spring 2004: When Children Reach for God (pdf)
Fall 2003: A Dance of Sex and Spirit (pdf)
Spring 2003: First Issue: Welcome (pdf)