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Love One Another

catholic reflections on how to sustain marriages today

Love One Another: Catholic Reflections on How to Sustain Marriages Today recently won a prize from the Catholic Press Association (CPA).  The C21 Center would like to thank the CPA for this recognition.

picture of Artwork by Christian Artist, DeAnne L. Parks

Love One Another: Catholic Reflections on How to Sustain Marriages Today

Editors: Tim Muldoon and Cynthia Dobrzynski

“Love One Another draws on theological, social, scientific, and practical insights into marriage as a sacrament and a lived experience for today's Catholics.” - Barbara DaFoe Whitehead, Author, The Divorce Culture: Rethinking Our Commitment to Marriage and Family

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There is a clear consensus that Catholic marriage today is often difficult, but immensely rewarding. Our hope is that these essays might serve as a catalyst for further conversation about Catholics’ understanding of the hopefulness that emerges from the face-to-face work of marriage. The essays in this volume offer a long look at the challenges facing married Catholics today, but also at the resources from Christian tradition that can help couples and families forge a long and satisfying relationship with one another, with children, and with the communities of the church and society.

This book appeals to two primary audiences. The general audience is married Catholics, and perhaps especially those who are considering marriage. The more specific audience includes pastoral ministers, pastors, and leaders in the Catholic community who deal with questions about how to structure programs and initiatives that address married life in the church.

Love One Another fills a need for reflection: it is neither pedantic — of the sort one often finds given to those in marriage preparation—nor abstract, designed only for professionals in the field. It pioneers a middle ground, articulating key themes from Catholic tradition, but also raising questions for how Catholics will respond to challenges facing couples, parishes, and the church as a whole.

Living Faith Together: Spiritual Practices of Marriage with editors, Tim Muldoon and Cynthia Dobrzynski.

Artwork by Christian Artist, DeAnne L. Parks. DeAnne L. Parks website.