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Intimacy and Relationships in Catholic Life

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It can be argued that there is no Christianity without relationships. As Catholic Christians, we are called to a profound tri-union with our true selves, with others, and with God. Time and time again, we learn how God is revealed to us through our loved ones.

C21 presents Intimacy and Relationships in Catholic Life through lived experience — sexual relationships, family relationships, and intimacy with God. Personal narrative is certainly the most ancient form of handing on the faith, particularly through stories of intentional wresting with profound life issues. It seems that we become more aware of God’s grace as we authentically share our selves in a loving, mature, and vulnerable way with others.


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C21 Resources Spring 2014

Intimacy and Relationships in Catholic Life

We are grateful for the thoughtful guidance of guest editors Lisa Cahill and Kerry Cronin who bring a wealth of expertise not only with respect to moral theology but also years of experience working with young people. Please share this magazine with family, friends, students, colleagues, and fellow parishioners. We are happy to fulfill requests for additional copies. Please send an email to


Lisa Cahill
Lisa Cahill is a theology professor with a specialty in Christian ethics and Catholic social teaching. She has taught at Boston College since 1976 and has also been a visiting professor at Georgetown and Yale Universities.
Kerry Cronin
Kerry Cronin is the associate director of the Lonergan Center at Boston College and a fellow at the Center for Student Formation. She is a nationally known speaker on topics related to sexuality and moral reasoning.


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The Imperfect Art of Dating: In Spring 2010, Kerry Cronin spoke about the imperfections and challenges of dating as she has heard from her own students' perspectives.

To view other lectures with Kerry Cronin online.

Picture of Lisa Cahill


Sexuality in the Christian Tradition: In 2003 Prof. Lisa Cahill along with Prof. Thomas Hibbs, and Fr. Michael Himes discussed the contemporary Catholic thinking on sexuality.

picture of Lisa Fullam and James Keenan


Women, Virtue and Sexuality: Lisa Fullam, Associate Professor of Moral Theology at the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University, leads a discussion on the role of virtue ethics in framing the conversation on sexuality in the context of a Catholic university.

Picture of Peter Folan


There and Back Again...A Tale of Peter Folan: Listen to Peter Folan share his life story with students at Agape Latte.

Picture of Fr. Greg Boyle


The Power of Boundless Compassion: An Evening with Fr. Greg Boyle: Fr. Greg shares his reflections on community and the sacredness of life through the lens of Ignatian spirituality, drawn from more than 20 years of work with formerly gang-involved and recently incarcerated men and women in Los Angeles.


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