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The Church in the 21st Century Center

Exploring the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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Fr. Robert Imbelli introduces the newest C21 Resources: Exploring the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

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The Church in the 21st Century (C21) Center proudly presents Spring 2013 "Exploring the Catholic Intellectual Tradition," a collection of essays, reflections, prayers, art, and poems that offer treasured insights into the Catholic tradition. We are honored to have collaborated with Fr. Robert Imbelli, the guest editor of this issue, who generously offered his passion for and a lifetime of experience teaching the Catholic intellectual tradition.

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Click here to view several Boston College faculty reflect and share their insights on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

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Professor Marina McCoy discusses the importance of faith and reason, heart and mind, in getting to know and love God, and how God communicates with us through the Catholic intellectual tradition.


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A Student's Reflection by Katherine Martin

Spending time with Augustine's Confessions, Dante's Divine Comedy, and Teilhard de Chardin's The Divine Melieu in my studies at Boston College, I have come to appreciate how deeply they have impacted my relationship with God and my interaction with others. Read more...


Search under Catholic Intellectual Tradition on our C21 videos page to find all events related to this theme.

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The Catholic Intellectual Tradition: A Conversation at Boston College

Rev. Robert Imbelli, Associate Professor of the Boston College Theology Department discusses the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and its attempt to address the meaning and purpose of human life and existence.

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Meeting Jesus: Christ in Tradition and Traditions

Professor Francine Cardman from the School of Theology and Ministry explores the contexts in which we can experience Jesus.  Like the earliest Christians, we meet Jesus on the way, through the relationships and communities in our lives. These experiences are particular, but also part of larger contexts and communities that extend across cultures and centuries.

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Revitalizing the Catholic Intellectual Tradition on Catholic University Campuses: A Conversation with Charles Taylor

Watch Fr. Robert Imbelli joined in a public conversation with the philosopher Charles Taylor before an audience of some 200 faculty, students, and guests in the Heights Room share his views on religion in the 21st century.

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Intellect and Virtue: The Idea of a Catholic University

The newly-installed president of the Catholic University of America defends Catholic education as more necessary than ever for intellectual clarity and the broadening and enlivening of thought in every aspect of daily life.

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But Who Is That Other One Who Walks Beside You?

Professor Paul Mariani, BC University Professor of English, spoke of the poets and poetry that have influenced his believing heart and mind, and discusses how writing has affected his faith.

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Faith, Reason, and Culture in Christianity and Islam

David B. Burrell, CSC, author of Freedom and Creation in Three Traditions, Friendship and the Ways to Truth, and Knowing the Unknowable God, spoke in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Series on the mediating role of culture in the relation of faith and reason, utilizing illustrations from the tradition of Islamic philosophy.