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Our Faith Our Stories

Picture of Michael Himes Agape Latte.

DO YOU EVER wonder why stories are so engaging? One might attempt an explanation from the cognitive sciences or offer an analysis from literary criticism of the power of narratives. However, there is an old Chasidic tale that God made humankind because God loves stories (read it on page 13). With our being made in the divine image (Genesis 1:26), little wonder that we love stories too. Indeed, the Bible requires us to tell stories, of faith both to God and to another.

This issue of C21 Resources reflects the continuing power of stories to both nurture and share our faith. In our postmodern world, there may still be nothing more effective for faith formation than to recall and tell our stories of God’s saving work in human history, including our own. I thank our editor of this edition, Professor Brian Braman, his assistant Conor Kelly, and our managing editor, Karen Kiefer.

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C21 Resources Fall 2015

Our Faith Our Stories

We are grateful for the thoughtful guidance of guest editor Brian Braman. Please share this magazine with family, friends, students, colleagues, and fellow parishioners. We are happy to fulfill requests for additional copies. Please send an email to


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picture of Brian Braman
Brian Braman is a professor in the philosophy department at Boston College and director of the Perspectives Program, a four-year interdisciplinary program of the humanities and natural sciences. Braman is also on the faculty of the College of Advancing Studies. His areas of interest are the intersection of philosophy and art, and the work of Bernard Lonergan, S.J.   


Search under Brian Braman and stories on our C21 Videos page to find all events related to this focal issue.

Still of Brian Braman

Brian Braman at Agape Latte: Professor of Philosophy Brian Braman explains how the life of the mind can move us outside of ourselves and into loving conversation with God.

Picture of Fr. Michael Himes

Agape Latte with Fr. Michael Himes: Listen to Fr. Michael Himes on family and the ability to love them.

Picture of Alice McDermott

Storytelling and the Sacramental Imagination: Is it love that transforms us, or the recounting of it? Does the effort to shape a story reveal what goes unseen, or does the storyteller create meaning where life tells us no meaning can be found?...

Still of Steve Pope

Steve Pope at Agape Latte: Theology professor Stephen Pope explores why it is so important to forgive in spite of the trouble and the heartache often involved.

Still of Jack Dunn

Agape Latte with Jack Dunn: Baggage and regrets can hold us back from becoming our true selves.  Let go and let God in.

Still of Kerry Cronin

Agape Latte with Kerry Cronin: Professor Kerry Cronin spoke at the first Agape Latte of the spring 2010 semester. Her topic focused on the "Imperfect Art of Dating" where she talked about the imperfections and challenges of dating as she has heard from her own students' perspectives.

Still of Marina McCoy

Agape Latte with Marina McCoy: Marina McCoy, professor in the Boston College Philosophy Department, presents the final Agape Latte of the semester.

Still of Fr. Neenan, S.J.

Agape Latte with Fr. William Neenan, S.J.: Listen to Fr. Bill Neenan, S.J. share five things that he has learned at Boston College.

Still of Mary Troxell

Agape Latte with Mary Troxell: Listen to Mary Troxell discuss her "favorite mistakes" made throughout her life's journey.


STill of Fr. Jack Butler, S.J.

Agape Latte with Fr. Jack Butler, S.J.: Fr. Jack Butler, S.J., Vice President of Mission and Ministry, kicks off the 2010 Agape Latte series with a talk on vocation and desire in life's journey.

Picture of Fr. Leahy

Agape Latte with Fr. William P. Leahy, S.J.: President William P. Leahy, S.J. speaks at the first 2011 Agape Latte for the fall semester.


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