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The Church in the 21st Century Center


the church in the 21st century center

Picture of Karen Kiefer

Karen Kelly Kiefer


Karen Kelly Kiefer joins the Church in the 21st Century Center as its Director. A Boston College alumna, Karen later returned to the university to work in the Office of University Advancement for close to a decade under the leadership of J. Donald Monan, S.J., and served as an adjunct faculty member in the Communication Department. Her marketing communications background and deep commitment to faith and philanthropy inspired her to create the nonprofit organization, Spread the Bread. Karen credits Boston College Jesuits for their profound influence towards the formation of this lay bread vocation. Active in the Church and its future, Karen and her husband Sam are raising four young daughters.

Elise Italiano Ureneck

Elise Italiano Ureneck

Associate Director

Elise Italiano Ureneck joins the Church in the 21st Center as its Associate Director. Having served as the spokeswoman for The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, Elise brings relevant experience communicating the faith in the public square and engaging some of the most important issues that the Church faces today. Prior to working as a communications professional, Elise taught theology and bioethics at a college preparatory school in Washington, D.C. Elise also served as the founding executive director of The Given Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership training and faith formation to the next generation of Catholic women leaders. She holds a Master of Arts in Theology from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Providence College. 

Patrick Goncalves Assistant Director

Patrick Goncalves

Assistant Director

Patrick Goncalves joins the Church in the 21st Century Center as its Assistant Director. Patrick is a marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience in multimedia production. He has produced promotional content for various non-profit organizations. He is focused on providing strategic solutions for the digital domain and skilled in leveraging new technology to administer and measure successful promotional initiatives. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a Master of Science in Media Entrepreneurship from Boston University.

Picture of Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell

C21 Fellow