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C21 Features

what's going on at the c21 center


What is C21 Features?

C21 Features is a concise and up to date listing of the latest features and events going on at the Church in the 21st Century Center.


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C21 Book Launch

Catholic Sacraments: A Rich Source of Blessings

Catholic Sacraments, written by John F. Baldovin, S.J. and David Farina Turnbloom, is a collection by some of today’s most respected liturgists and sacramental theologians offering wisdom and insight into the meaning and practice of Catholic sacraments.

Using passages of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the official rubrics of sacramental rites as the basis for its writing, this collection of texts highlights the connection between sacramental theology, prayer, and ritual. The conversation questions that follow each section lead the individual or group into a deeper understanding of the sacraments and their role in the life of the Church and daily life.


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C21 Announces Fall Semester Theme:

Conscience at Work.
Read more about past events and speakers.

Join the C21 Center and our cosponsors throughout the semester for events featuring:

  • Archbishop José Gomez, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  • Mary Gautier, Senior Research Associate at CARA
  • Sr. Katarina Schuth, O.S.F.
  • Nancy Pineda-Madrid, Associate Professor, School of Theology & Ministry, and many more...


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