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GPSP Committees


In order to capitalize on the reservoir of talent and initiative of the Scholars, committees are formed so Scholars can exercise their leadership skills and implement projects of interest. The committees are organized around a specific topic or project and will run until the completion of the project. For some, that will be throughout the academic year and for others that will be over a shorter period of time.


Committees that generally run from year-to-year include:




Ex Libris


Scholars who wish to attend occasional meetings to edit Ex Libris make up the Ex Libris committee and are lead by upperclassmen Scholars along with the GPSP Administrative Assistant.  Members come up with ideas for articles for Ex Libris (the GPSP Newsletter), write and edit the articles and/or assign articles to be written by other Scholars.  A member of this committee is also assigned to be the liaison with the alumni so that alumni news is included in the newsletter on a frequent basis.  This committee meets approximately once a month throughout the academic year.




GPSP  Selection Process Committee


Members of this committee help to organize the yearly recruitment process where approximately 65 high school seniors visit BC, have interviews and participate in program activities. The members help to host and find other hosts for the visiting students, they arrange social events and accompany the visiting students on excursions into Boston. This committee generally functions from October/November until about mid-February each year.




Social Justice Committee


This committee is comprised of the sophomore class of Scholars.  It is their task to come up with and lead all of the Scholars in a social justice project to take place throughout each year.  The project should be something that involves multiple campus-wide events in order to educate the wider BC community about the topic they have selected.