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BC Library Partnership

The Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program has a special partnership with the BC Library. This partnership enables us to offer the following to our Scholars:

  • Graduate level borrowing privileges in all BC libraries.
  • Enrollment in the Boston Library Consortium Program (see below for a description of this program).

The Boston Library Consortium*

The Boston Library Consortium is a cooperative association of sixteen academic and research libraries. Its purpose is to share human and information resources so that the collective strengths of the group advance the research and learning of the members' constituents. Founded in 1970, the Consortium supports resource sharing and enhancement of services to users through programs in cooperative collecting, access to electronic resources, access to physical collections, and enhanced interlibrary loan and document delivery. Access to research materials at member institutions is facilitated by:

  • Computerized Gateway information services with access to the Consortium's Union List of Serials, members' online catalogs and other information resources;
  • Interlibrary loan utilizing a dedicated daily delivery service and telefacsimile and Internet transmission;
  • On-site use of most member libraries;
  • Borrowing privileges for qualified researchers.

*Text from the Boston Library Consortium User Guide 2000/2001