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jesuit institute

The Jesuit Institute sponsors research, academic exchange and collective inquiry into issues that emerge at the intersection of faith and culture. The Institute works principally with schools, departments and programs of Boston College. To present such a project for sponsorship, please submit a proposal to the Director. Click on the category below to see the details of each of these programs. Past and upcoming events are listed in the left navigation.


Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminars

A university is a place where scholars talk to one another. A university is as vital as these conversations. Hence the Institute sponsors a considerable number of interdisciplinary faculty seminars and international seminars. The interdisciplinary faculty seminars meet regularly to address from a variety of disciplines the issues that emerge in the encounter between faith and culture. The seminars continue for some three to four years and have typically resulted in a volume of essays or a scholarly journal or an international conference or a set of lectures. Examples of these seminars follow.


Visiting Fellows Program

The purpose of this Visiting Fellows program is to support scholars from the Global South (Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America) who are working in projects on faith, culture, and the common good. They are supported so that they may share with the academic community at Boston College the fruits and the challenges of their own research. Their appointments coincide with our semester schedule.



The Jesuit Institute sponsors a variety of events that address the issues of faith and culture. These events are generally lectures, panels, or conference meetings. These events introduce to the University's academic community a diversity of scholars and their research. The majority of the Jesuit Institute lectures are co-sponsored with other offices and departments of the university. They cover any topic related to faith and culture that promotes the mission of Boston College.


Canisius Lecture

There is one annual lecture sponsored by the Institute entitled the "Canisius Lecture." This lecture addresses some issues in theology and is given by a prominent theologian.