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Event Schedule


Boston College

April 8-9, 2016

Sponsored by the Jesuit Institute


Friday, April 8


    • 11:30-1 pm Presenters check in, pick up nametags and Warren tickets 

    (Stokes S286)   


    • 12:30-2 pm Concurrent Sessions 1 


            Addressing Inequality: Solutions and Cautions  (Stokes N228)

            Micah Lott, Boston College

            Equality and Freedom


            Joe Quinn, Boston College

            The Relative Effectiveness of the Minimum Wage and the Earned Income Tax

            Credit as Anti-Poverty Tools


            Jeffrey L. Sternberg, Northeastern University

            The Politics of Knowledge Production: The Embeddedness of Knowledge Producers

            within Institutions of Power


            Kate Ward, Boston College (convener)

            Inequality and the Moral Life: A Virtue Perspective


            Inequality, Sustainability and Ideology (Stokes N428)


            Rachel Madsen, Brandeis University

            Pursuing Equity in Sustainability Policies: Contributions from

            Environmental Sociology


            Rosalia Greco, Boston College

            Redistribution, Polarization, and Ideology


            Sandra Waddock (convener)

            Inequality, Dignity, and the Sustainability Challenge


            Inequality and Difference (Undergraduate Panel) (Stokes N325)


            Noah W. Fitzgerel, Brown University

            Squandering a Legacy: Investigating the Civil Rights Movement,

            Economic Inequality and the Failure of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)


            Devon Breton-Pakozdi, Yale

            Federalism and the “Color Line:” Rethinking the Politics of Racial Inequalities


            Hochan Kim, Brown University

            Income Inequality and the Difference Principle


            Respondent: James O’Sullivan, Boston College 


    • 2:30-4 pm Plenary: Sen. Elizabeth Warren

    Robsham Theater

    Conference presenters have reserved seating near the stage.


    • 5-6:30 pm Concurrent Sessions II


            Comparative Inequality Policies (Undergraduate Panel) (Stokes S131)


            Annalyn H. Bachmann, Emmanuel College

            Stability of Socioeconomic Development and the Implications for Southeast Asia


            Felicia Choo, Georgetown University

            Missing Women in the Workplace: Firm Characteristics Affecting the

            Hiring of Females in Bangladesh


            Cassandra Jagroop, St. John’s University

            The Economic Loss of Innocence: Child Soldiers in Yemen and

            Darfur and Economic Inequality


            Respondent: Rosalia Greco, Boston College


            Inequality in Global Perspective (Stokes S117)


            James O’Sullivan, Boston College

            “Twenty First Century Global Goal Setting addressing Global Inequality: An

            Interdisciplinary Ethical Analysis”


            Sylvia Cesar, Georgetown University

            Where Do Losers Lose the Least? Regime Type and the Unequal Gains from Trade


            Frank Garcia, Boston College (convener)

            Globalization, Inequality and International Economic Law


            Community, Education and Inequality (Stokes S133)


            Dustin Crummett, University of Notre Dame

            Wealth, Well-Being, and the Danger of Having Too Much


            Tiziana Dearing, Boston College 

            Social Policy, Social Work and Income Inequality - How One "Helping"

            Discipline Can Help Solve an Intractable Problem


            Mary Walsh, Boston College (convener)

            Inequality and Education


    • 6:45 pm Reception for Seminar Participants


    • 7:30 pm Dinner for Seminar Participants


Saturday, April 9


    • 9:00-10:15 am Plenary: Victor Tan Chen

       Stokes 195S

       Virginia Commonwealth University

       Introduction: Ken Himes, Boston College


    • 10:30-12 pm Concurrent Sessions 3


       Cross-disciplinary Perspectives on Economics (Stokes S131)


        John Buchmann, University of Chicago Divinity School

        Did I Do That? Adam Smith, Inequality and Supply-Side Ethics


        Manon Garcia, Tufts University

        “Are women Homo Economicus?” Economic Inequality and

        gender differences among economic agents.


       Kyle M. Nicholas, University of Notre Dame

       Sharing the Revolution: Moral Theology and the Sharing Economy


       Wages and Inequality (Stokes S115)


        Stephen R. Leccese, Fordham University

        Areas of Study: Intellectual/Labor History, Economics, Economic Theory 

        Historical Arguments for a Wage Increase


        Joyce Konigsburg, Duquesne

        The Economic and Ethical Implications of a Living Wage


        Ken Himes, Boston College (Convener)

        John A. Ryan and living/family wage


       Evaluating Solutions to Inequality (Undergraduate Panel) (Stokes S117)


        Lucas Allen, Boston College

        Universalizing Access to Medicine: Brazil’s Response to AIDS, Inequality, and

        Institutionalized Scarcity


        Marissa Marandola, Boston College

        The Dollar Debates: Comparing the Implications of Judicial versus

        Political Intervention for School Finance Reform


        Lindsey Connors, University of Massachusetts, Boston

        Arts-Based Workforce Training: Creative Action against

        Community Economic Inequality


    • 12:15-1:30 PM Plenary: Shaji George Kochuthara

       Stokes 195S

       Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore, India

       Intro: Kate Ward, Boston College  


    • 1:30-2:30 Lunch and Town Hall Debrief (Stokes 295S)

       Lunch will be provided for all conference presenters.