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Effective Public Administration

The Irish Institute at Boston College is pleased to have hosted the 2002 Effective Public Administration Program.

Administrators in Ireland and Northern Ireland are charged with enormous responsibility. In our efforts to help the long term prospects for peace on the island of Ireland it is our mission to create lasting relationships between opinion makers and leaders who can in turn influence a wide range of people. We bring together these leaders to focus on substantive policy issues and effective management of resources. The United States has a very different system but one that has many strengths and innovations. In the case of Northern Ireland, the committee system is an excellent model of transparency and openness in government and in Ireland the administration has encouraged more open recruitment to senior positions. The American tradition of appointed officials offers a model of a system of doing rather than knowing. Participant officials can learn from their colleagues in Northern Ireland and both can learn from their colleagues and from elected officials in the United States. This group worked with officials in Boston and Washington and focused on committees, information technology, lobbying and professional and personal development.