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Committee Of The Centre

The Irish Institute at Boston College, as part of its commitment to the new institutions of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Bureau in Washington, DC, is pleased to have hosted the members of the Assembly's Committee of the Centre in Boston from May 22 - 25. The Committee of the Centre, one of only six Standing Committees in the Assembly, oversees the work of the office of the First and Deputy First Minister. In this capacity, the Committee of the Centre's brief includes matters related to Economic Policy Unit, Equality Unit, Civic Forum, European Affairs and International Matters, Community Relations, Public Appointments Policy, Freedom of Information, Victims, Nolan Standards, Public Service Office, Emergency Planning, and Women's Issues.

While in Boston, the Committee members met with many of their elected counterparts from the Massachusetts Legislature, attended seminars led by Boston College faculty members, and interacted with other Massachusetts officials charged with oversight of some of the same issues with which the committee is also charged.